[robotics-worldwide] Giant autonomous robots: jobs in Cambridge, MA

Jeremy Brown jhbrown at repinvariant.com
Wed May 11 08:29:45 PDT 2011

Rep Invariant Systems, Inc. makes giant autonomous robots.  And
mission planning systems.  And we're hiring.

For those who want more detail:

Rep Invariant designs mobile robot systems, and develops software for
those systems.  In a typical project we work with a partner company
who makes the platform (vehicle).  Some of our partners make or use
large vehicles; we those make into robots, thus... we make giant

We work on all aspects of the robot design and code.  We select
sensors, design algorithms, and write all the code --- from the
embedded realtime device controllers all the way up to the GUIs (and
non-traditional interfaces) for mission planning, monitoring, and
control.  Right now, we're particularly looking for software engineers
with robotics algorithms experience --- navigation, perception, vision,
path planning, etc.

In addition to our commercial robotics projects, we presently have two
planning-and-control contracts with the Navy, one for mission planning
for manned carrier air wings, and another for mission planning/control
for heterogeneous unmanned systems.

Rep Invariant is a small company --- 12 people as of May 2011.
We're based in Cambridge, very near Davis Square.  We have competitive
pay, and the usual benefits plus a couple extras.  We are bootstrapped
(no venture), debt-free, and profitable.  Our commercial:defense work
mix is roughly 2:1.

We are equal-opportunity for race, gender, sexual preference, religion,
veteran status, political affiliation, and probably most other things
you can think of.  (You do need to be a US citizen.)

For more information on jobs and benefits at Rep Invariant, check out

Please feel free to email me at jhbrown at repinvariant.com, or call me
directly at either of the numbers below, if you have additional


Jeremy Brown

Dr. Jeremy H. Brown, President
Rep Invariant Systems, Inc.
(o) 617-500-9608
(m) 617-233-6109

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