[robotics-worldwide] NAO Open Source – Aldebaran Robotics shares source code with its community.

Marine Fabre mfabre at aldebaran-robotics.com
Fri May 13 01:56:24 PDT 2011

*Five years of development in embedded software for humanoid robots shared
with fellow researchers and developers.*


Aldebaran Robotics, the world-leading European humanoid robotics company
announced at ICRA 2011 its decision to share a significant part of its
source code with the research and developer community by the end of 2011.

“We will release our software as OPEN SOURCE to allow researchers, teachers,
and developers to adapt and extend our software according to their needs and
knowledge, said Bruno Maisonnier, the founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics.
“Building robotics applications is challenging: applications are built upon
many state-of-the-art complex technologies like speech recognition, object
recognition, grasping, navigation and mapping. Applications need to be
secure and be able to run in a constrained environment with limited
resources. With over five years of experience in developing embedded systems
for robotics platforms, we want to share our middleware, our core
communication library, our cross-platform build tools and other essential
modules with researchers, developers and emerging projects in humanoid
robotics”, he added.

NAOqi, the embedded software on NAO, includes a highly cross-platform, fast,
secure, reliable and distributed robotics framework which provides a
comprehensive foundation for developers to leverage and improve NAO's

“By capititalizing on our extensive experience, users can concentrate their
effort on creating innovative algorithms and exciting applications” Mr.
Maisonnier added. “In addition, by opening NAO's core we will allow users to
benefit from the strong distributed innovation that characterizes the
growing NAO community. Robotics and its associated applications are still
emerging research fields. To explore future applications together, ongoing
exchange within our user community is essential”.

Marine Fabre

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