[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 29(4) July 2011

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Mon May 16 08:57:20 PDT 2011


Below please find the contents for the forthcoming issue of Robotica.


Greg Chirikjian
Editor, Robotica
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Volume 29 Part 4 July 2011

Far infrared pedestrian detection and tracking for night driving, Daniel Olmeda,
Arturo de la Escalera and José María Armingol                                                                   495

PD control with feedforward compensation for rigid robots actuated by
brushless DC motors, R. V. Carrillo-Serrano, V. M. Hernández-Guzmán
and V. Santibáñez                                                                                                                               507

Optimization-based formation of autonomous mobile robots, Huan Zhang
and Pubudu N. Pathirana                                                                                                                515

Human capability of discriminating relief-like 2D figures in tactile displaying,
Masahiro Ohka, Hiroki Yoshino and Tetsu Miyaoka                                                            527

Kinematic calibration of the 3-DOF parallel module of a 5-axis hybrid milling
machine, Li-Ping Wang, Fu-Gui Xie, Xin-Jun Liu and Jinsong Wang 535

Experimental verification of antagonistic stiffness planning for a planar parallel
mechanism with 2-DOF force redundancy, Sungcheul Lee, Sitae Kim,
Woosung In, Moonki Kim, Jay I. Jeong and Jongwon Kim                                             547

Fault detection and isolation in cooperative mobile robots using multilayer
architecture and dynamic observers, R. A. Carrasco, F. Núñez and A. Cipriano             555

A new method for isotropic analysis of limited DOF parallel manipulators with
terminal constraints, Haibo Qu, Yuefa Fang and Sheng Guo                                                563

A worm-inspired new spatial hyper-redundant manipulator,
Jaime Gallardo-Alvarado, Raúl Lesso-Arroyo and J. Santos García-Miranda          571

The relationship between controlled joint torque and end-effector force in
underactuated robotic systems, Jaeheung Park                                                                               581

An optimization method for the reference trajectory of parametric excitation
walking, Kouichi Taji, Yoshihisa Banno and Yuji Harata                                                      585

Energy-efficient gait generation for biped robot based on the passive inverted
pendulum model, Jian Li and Weidong Chen                                                                               595

Workspace formulation of planar wire-actuated parallel manipulators,
Derek McColl and Leila Notash                                                                                                      607

Inverse kinematics by numerical and analytical cyclic coordinate descent,
Anders Lau Olsen and Henrik Gordon Petersen                                                                   619

Generating efficient rigid biped running gaits with calculated take-off velocities,
Q. Guo, C. J. B. Macnab and J. K. Pieper                                                                                627

Efficient walking with optimization for a planar biped walker with a torso by hip
actuators and springs, Terumasa Narukawa, Masaki Takahashi
and Kazuo Yoshida                                                                                                                              641

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