[robotics-worldwide] IEEE Trans. on Robotics, Vol. 27, No. 2 is now available

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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
full access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

The table of contents is as follows:

* Kinematic Modeling of Bird Locomotion from Experimental Data
   Hugel, V.  Hackert, R.  Abourachid, A.
   Page(s): 185 - 200

* Haptic Device Using a Newly Developed Redundant
   Parallel Mechanism
   Arata, J.  Kondo, H.  Ikedo, N.  Fujimoto, H.
   Page(s): 201 - 214

* Recursive Inverse Dynamics of Mobile Multibody Systems
   With Joints and Wheels
   Boyer, F.  Ali, S.
   Page(s): 215 - 228

* A Robot Joint With Variable Stiffness Using Leaf Springs
   Junho Choi  Seonghun Hong  Woosub Lee  Sungchul Kang
   Munsang Kim
   Page(s): 229 - 238

* State Estimation Based on the Concept of Continuous Symmetry
   and Observability Analysis: The Case of Calibration
   Martinelli, A.
   Page(s): 239 - 255

* Distance-Based and Orientation-Based Visual Servoing From
   Three Points
   Fomena, R.T.  Tahri, O.  Chaumette, F.
   Page(s): 256 - 267

* A Random-Finite-Set Approach to Bayesian SLAM
   Mullane, J.  Ba-Ngu Vo  Adams, M.D.  Ba-Tuong Vo
   Page(s): 268 - 282

* Conflict Resolution in Free-Ranging Multivehicle Systems:
   A Resource Allocation Paradigm
   Reveliotis, S.A.  Roszkowska, E.
   Page(s): 283 - 296

* A Minimalist Algorithm for Multirobot Continuous Coverage
   Cannata, G.  Sgorbissa, A.
   Page(s): 297 - 312

* On the Time to Search for an Intermittent Signal Source
   Under a Limited Sensing Range
   Dezhen Song  Chang-Young Kim  Jingang Yi
   Page(s): 313 - 323

* Two-Finger Caging of Nonconvex Polytopes
   Pipattanasomporn, P.  Sudsang, A.
   Page(s): 324 - 333

* Stiffness Control of Surgical Continuum Manipulators
   Mahvash, M.  Dupont, P.E.
   Page(s): 334 - 345

* Robotic Assistance to Flexible Endoscopy by
   Physiological-Motion Tracking
   Ott, L.  Nageotte, F.  Zanne, P.  de Mathelin, M.
   Page(s): 346 - 359

* DTAR--A Dynamic, Tube-Ascending Robot
   Degani, A.  Choset, H.  Mason, M.T.
   Page(s): 360 - 364

* A Little More, a Lot Better: Improving Path Quality by
   a Path-Merging Algorithm
   Raveh, B.  Enosh, A.  Halperin, D.
   Page(s): 365 - 371

* Improved Stability Results for Visual Tracking of Robotic
   Manipulators Based on the Depth-Independent Interaction Matrix
   Xinwu Liang  Xinhan Huang  Min Wang  Xiangjin Zeng
   Page(s): 371 - 379

* A New Aerodynamic-Traction Principle for Handling Products
   on an Air Cushion
   Laurent, G.J.  Delettre, A.  Le Fort-Piat, N.
   Page(s): 379 - 384

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