[robotics-worldwide] Correction to: Call for participation and posters - RSS 2011 Workshop on CONTACT MODELING AND SIMULATION

jeff trinkle trink at cs.rpi.edu
Thu May 26 08:41:58 PDT 2011

My apologies for misspelling the name and incorrectly listing the
affiliation of one of the invited speakers for our workshop:

Invited speaker Danny Kaufman is affiliated with Columbia University.


On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 8:09 PM, jeff trinkle <trink at cs.rpi.edu> wrote:

> Robotics: Science and Systems 2011 Workshop: Toward High-Performance
> Computing Support for the Simulation and Planning of Robot Contact Tasks.
> June 27 (all day), 28 (morning) 2011
> University of Southern California
> On behalf of the co-organizers of this NSF-supported workshop, it is my
> pleasure to invite you to attend our workshop on simulation of systems
> with intermittent contact for vehicle design, manufacturing, logistics,
> autonomous robotics, game physics, or other application areas.
> The goals of this 1.5-day workshop are to evaluate the state of the art in
> simulation methods for contact problems in robotics and other application
> domains (on day one) and to chart a path toward meeting the future contact
> simulation needs of the robotics community (on day two, morning only).
> The NSF funds will be used to help defray the cost of participation in
> this workshop if you are a US citizen.  For approximate amounts, look here:
>  http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~trink/RSS-2011/travel.html
> Confirmed speakers:
>   Erwin Coumins (Bullet Physics)
>   Dan Negrut (U of Wisconsin)
>   Sidd Srinivasa (Intel Pittsburgh)
>   Chris Carothers (RPI)
>   Danny Kaufman (RPI)
>   Todd Murphey (Northwestern)
>   Kevin Lynch (Northwestern)
>   Dinesh Manocha (UNC)
>   Dinesh Pai (UBC)
> Motivational videos and more details are here:
> http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~trink/RSS-2011/rss2011wrkshp.html
> There is still time to submit a poster.  Please contact Jeff Trinkle if you
> are interested.
> Topics of Interest:
>    The organizers are particularly interested in receiving submissions
> on analysis, simulation, design, and planning of all types
> of contact tasks that are difficult to simulate accurately or carry
> out automatically with a real system: assembly, locomotion, grasping,
> repair, cleaning, and loading.   We also encourage submissions on
> general methods that use simulation models such as particle filtering
> and model predictive control.  Application areas outside the
> mainstream of robotics are desired as they will broaden the range of
> discussions. Generally, submissions should focus on the state of the
> art in your research area and the shortcomings of current simulation
> tools in meeting your research goals.
> Important Dates:
>     Early Registration ends June 1.
> Organizers:
>    Dan Negrut (negrut at cae.wisc.edu)
>    Chris Carothers (chrisc at cs.rpi.edu)
>    Jeff Trinkle (trink at cs.rpi.edu)

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