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June 20th, 2011. Tallinn, Estonia. Full day


organized by
Giovanni Indiveri, Gianluca Antonelli and Maarja Kruusmaa.

TALLINN JUNE 20 - 23 / 2011

All interested researchers and practitioners are kindly invited to participate.


Workshop Abstract:

Marine robotics is a rapidly growing field within applied and fundamental research. The workshop aims at presenting recent results from academy and industry with a particular emphasis on research projects. The scope of the workshop is broad as it aims at bringing together scientist working on diverse issues ranging from bio-inspired robot design, to sensors, navigation, guidance and control of single and multiple vehicle systems, marine manipulation, and applications as surveillance or archeological studies. The Workshop is scheduled to be a full day event: each speaker will have a maximum of 25 minutes for her/his presentation. A time slot for questions and discussion will be allocated after each presentation in order to foster exchange of ideas and interaction among the participants. A final round-table discussion will also be organized in order to focus on the main issues that will have been raised during the workshop. The presentations and eventual additional material of behalf of the speakers will be collected and distributed to the participants.

The workshop also brings together most of the currently active FP7 projects in Europe concerned with Marine Robotics. As such it strengthens the European Robotics community as well as adds new perspectives from participants outside Europe.


Primary/secondary audience

Academic and industrial researchers in the field of robotics, oceanography, marine biology, geophysics and marine sciences, Ph.D. students in robotics, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering. 


Under the auspices of:

The IEEE RAS Technical Committee in Marine Robotics and the IFAC Technical Committee TC 7.2. Marine Systems. The organization of the workshop is also supported by the Italian inter-university center on Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment ISME.

Links:	http://www.icar2011.org/


Workshop Timetable:

9.00 - 9.20 Opening and Welcome

09.20 - 09.45 Erik Maehle and  Christoph Osterloh, University of Lübeck, Germany, "MONSUN 2: Towards Underwater Robot Swarms"

09.45 - 10.10 William Megill, Bath University, United Kingdom, "Robotic Fish Locomotion and Sensing (FILOSE FP7 Project)"

10.35 - 11.00 Hyeunseok Choi and Youngsun Ryuh, KITECH Korea, "Biomimetic robotic fish “Ichthus” for environmental surveillance"

11.00 - 11.30 Coffee Break

11.30 - 11.55 Huosheng Hu, University of Essex, United Kingdom, "SHOAL: A Swarm of Robotic fish for Pollution Detection in Port"

11.55 - 12.20 Antonio Pascoal, IST - ISR Portugal, "Cooperative Navigation and Control of Multiple Marine Robots: Theory and Practice. (GREX and CO3AUVs FP7 projects)"

12.20 - 12.45 Giovanni Indiveri, University of Salento, Italy  (ISME node), "CO3AUVs and SASMA Underwater Robotics Projects Overview"

12.45 - 13.10 Gabriele Ferri (speaker), Barbara Mazzolai and Cecilia Lachi, Italian Institute of Technology, "Design, realization and sea trials of a small-sized autonomous robotic catamaran for monitoring the coastal waters quality"

13.10 - 14.10 Lunch

14.10 - 14.35 Antonio Vasilijevic and Zoran Vukic, University of Zagreb, Croatia, "Developing the Croatian Underwater Research Potential (Acronym: CURE FP7 Capacities REGPOT)"

14.35 - 15.00 Pedro J. Sanz, Universitat Jaume I, Spain, "The Integration of Autonomous Manipulation Capabilities in Underwater Intervention Systems: A Case Study Based on two Ongoing Projects (FP7-Trident and the Spanish-RAUVI)"

15.00 - 15.25 Benedetto Allotta, University of Firenze and University of Pisa, Italy, "THESAURUS: a Marine Robotics Project for Archaeological Applications"

15.30 - 16.00 Coffee Break

16.00 - 16.25 Lorenzo Brignone, Jan Opderbecke, Vincent Rigaud, IFREMER, France, "Underwater robotics R&D vs. operational systems at IFREMER (Tentative: to be confirmed)"

16.25 - 16.50 Massimo Caccia, CNR - ISSIA, Genova Unit, Italy, "FP7 MINOAS - Marine INspection rObotic Assistant System"

16.50 - 17.15 David Lane, Ocean Systems Laboratory, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, "From Research to Revenues – the Evolution of AUVs for  Subsea Inspection Repair and Maintenance"

17.15 - 17.40 Thomas Schmickl, University of Graz,  Austria, "CoCoRo - a self-aware robotic underwater swarm"

17.40 - 17.50 Conclusions


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