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Call for papers: The International Journal of Robotics Research

Special Issue: Robotic Communications and Collaboration in Complex 

Guest Editors: Brian M. Sadler, Daniela Rus and Gaurav S. Sukhatme

The International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR) invites papers
for a special issue on Robotic Communications and Collaboration in
Complex Environments. Autonomous robotic collaboration relies on
wireless networking, which introduces a rich interplay between
distributed processing, control, communications, and mobility.  While
networks enable cooperative robotics, the converse is also true;
robotics enables mobile networks.  Significant difficulties arise when
the environment is complex, in both mobility and communications.
Radio undergoes dramatic signal fluctuation with small movement,
optical line of sight is easily lost, and consequently network
topology can rapidly vary.  The problem is exacerbated when fixed
infrastructure is not available, such as emergency response
applications.  Consequently, it is critical to develop collaborative
strategies that incorporate communications and control in a
synergistic way.  This special issue focuses on the interplay of
control and planning for groups of robots, communications, and
associated tradeoffs.

Papers are solicited in these, and related topics such as those listed
below, with an emphasis on the interplay between communications and
control.  Papers that include experimental validation are strongly

* Cooperative control of groups
* Task allocation in groups of robots
* Communications topology control
* Dynamic routing and mobility
* Processing and communications tradeoffs
* Control to establish and maintain enhanced communications
* Planning and communications rendezvous
* Distributed processing and perception for collaboration
* Power and energy preservation during collaboration
* Collaborative mapping and exploration
* Heterogeneity and architecture for networked robots

Papers must contain high-quality original contributions and be
prepared in accordance with IJRR guidelines. All papers will be
reviewed following the regular reviewing procedure of the
Journal.  Please note that IJRR has no page limit on papers and is a
leader in archival publishing of multimedia - data sets, code and
videos with papers.

Submissions deadline		 2 April 	2012
Decisions to authors		 4 June	    	2012
Revised versions due		 2 July    	2012
          Decisions		30 July     	2012
Final versions			20 August	2012
Publication		  	Late Autumn 	2012

Manuscript Submission

Instructions for authors, including information about ``Multimedia
Extensions'', are available at:

Submissions should be uploaded to:
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ijrr. Under "Manuscript Type",
select "Robotic Communications". Please note that the publisher
does not provide templates or style files. For the initial review
process you need only upload a pdf of the complete paper with figures
and tables integrated in the text, and multimedia files if
appropriate. For questions concerning submissions email: Jennet
Batten, Managing Editor, ijrr_man_editor at btinternet.com

Dr Brian M. Sadler	     Prof. Daniela Rus     Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme
Army Research Laboratory	MIT			USC
Comp. & Info. Sci. Directorate	EECS Department	        CS Department
Adelphi, MD       		Cambridge, MA    	Los Angeles, CA
(o) 301-394-1239		(o) 617-258-7567	(o) 213-740-0218
brian.m.sadler6.civ at mail.mil	rus at csail.mit.edu	gaurav at usc.edu

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