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Shoudong Huang Shoudong.Huang at uts.edu.au
Mon Nov 7 15:48:48 PST 2011

The Centre for Autonomous Systems at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in Australia is seeking a candidate for a PhD student working on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) founded by Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project scheme. Students with good mathematical background and programming skills are encouraged to apply. Previous research experience in SLAM and/or computer vision is a plus.

The PhD supervisors will be Dr. Shoudong Huang and Prof. Gamini Dissanayake


Contact: Dr. Shoudong Huang (Shoudong.Huang at uts.edu.au)

Project Title
Development of Globally Optimal Solutions to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Navigation

Project Summary
Robot navigation in unknown environments requires a robot to simultaneously construct a map in real-time and localize itself within the map, particularly in the absence of external location reference such as a global positioning system. The project will develop in-depth understanding of the fundamental structure and properties of nonlinearity involved in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM); efficient and reliable algorithm for solving very large scale SLAM problems; and reliable real time monocular SLAM algorithms. This will result in the development of robots that can reliably and continuously navigate in unknown

Research Environment
UTS Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS-UTS) consists of 40 staff and students working on various aspects of robotics, in particular in sensing, data fusion and control.  From 2003 - 2010, it was one of the three nodes of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous System (CAS) with over 230 staff and research students.   The UTS team has played a major role within CAS, particularly with theoretical breakthroughs in sensing and perception in unknown and unstructured environments and applications of autonomous robots in infrastructure maintenance, urban search and rescue, and port automation.
Funding for the UTS robotics team comes from both the Australian Research Council and Industry. Since 2003, it attracted $10m in external funding for its research.  Applied research within the team is funded by grants from a range of industry partners such as Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales, Australia; Patrick Stevedores Holdings, Australia's largest operator of container terminals and a leading logistics company; Pempek, a SME in the mining sector and Meat and Livestock Australia.
The research team is located in a single integrated office and laboratory environment specially refurbished with the support from UTS and Kirby Foundation, providing one of the best research facilities for collaboration and cross-fertilization. Five additional laboratories for work on urban search and rescue, assistive robotics, outdoor navigation, robotic infrastructure maintenance and physical human robot interaction are also available to the UTS team.

UTS CRICOS Provider Code: 00099F
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