[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc Position in the Biorobotics Lab in the Robotics Institute

Howie Choset choset at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 11 00:23:38 PST 2011

We are seeking a motivated postdoc researcher to conduct and lead 
research in motion planning, control, and their
implementation on real systems. Strong analytic, communication and 
writing skills are necessary, but experience in hardware construction is 
not, although would be quite helpful. The Biorobotics group is a 
multi-disciplinary and highly interactive group, so a candidate must 
feel comfortable working in an exciting and dynamic environment. It is 
also expected that the candidate will help advise graduate and 
undergraduate students and steer the intellectual direction of the lab.

While the specific nature of the post-doctoral work will depend upon the 
interests of applicants, areas of interest include

1. Educational Robotics - Develop and implement LEGO labs for high 
school students that use multiple robots to teach issues in 
communication and coordination, as well as science, technology, 
engineering and math.

2. Distributed Manufacturing - Design and oversee the construction of 
new hardware for decentralized manufacturing of large scale structures. 
Also, prescribe and implement algorithms of decentralized manipulation 
and construction

3. Motion Planning of Locomoting Robots - Build upon our group's 
existing efforts in geometric mechanics to prescribe motion controllers 
for locomoting systems operating in dirty/granular environments.

To apply, please send CV, three letters of recommendation, links to at 
most three relevant publications, and a short
statement of interest to

Howie Choset, choset at cs.cmu.edu

Also, include in the email a time at which you will become available. 
This position can open immediately.

Howie Choset, Robotics Institute

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