[robotics-worldwide] The first European Robotics Week: over 350 events all over Europe from 28 November - 04 December 2011

Anne Wendel anne.wendel at eu-nited.net
Mon Nov 28 01:38:52 PST 2011

The first European Robotics Week: robotics on display 
Today is the start of the first European Robotics Week. From 28th of 
November to 4th of December 2011, over 130 organisations in 19 European 
countries organise over 350 robotics related activities across Europe, 
highlighting and promoting the growing importance of European robotics in 
a wide variety of application areas. The week’s aim is also to inspire 
students of all ages while building their interest in technology and 

There is a lot going on in Europe during the European Robotics Week: 
school visits with lectures on robotics, guided tours for pupils, open 
labs, exhibitions, challenges, robots in action on public squares…. The 
participating companies, universities and research centres have come up 
with interesting programs to bring their robots and organisations to the 
attention of the public educating them on how robotics impacts society, 
both now and in the future. 
European Robotics Remote Labs - online viewing of activities See what’s 
going on in the robotics labs across Europe during the European Robotics 
Week via Internet from anywhere in the world! More than 45 European 
Robotics Labs open their labs via live-streaming. Either pre-recorded 
videos or live-streaming cameras show the labs’ activities. Professor 
Stefano Stramigioli from University of Twente (Netherlands) had the great 
idea of the European Robotics Remote Labs initiative to show the many 
great activities ongoing in Europe to the whole world. All participating 
European Robotics Labs are grouped and displayed at 
More information and listing of all 355 events (sorted by country and 
date) at http://www.robotics-week.eu.
We wish all participating organisations a successful week! 
Press releases with statements about the week and pictures can be found at 
the euRobotics press room. 
Kind regards, 
Anne Wendel & Fariba Khatami

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