[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers: ICAPS WS on Combining Task and Motion Planning for Real-World Applications (TAMPRA)

Marcello Cirillo marcello.cirillo at aass.oru.se
Tue Nov 29 07:52:57 PST 2011

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** Call for Papers **

TAMPRA 2012:
Combining Task and Motion Planning for Real-World Applications


A longstanding aim of research in AI has been to employ discrete task
planning capabilities in the service of mobile robots. Since the early
days of Shakey, the planning community has worked to build algorithms
that would allow a robot to reason about its own actions before (or
while) carrying them out physically. Recent advances in artificial
vision, manipulation, motion planning and control have done a great
deal to bring this vision closer to fruition.

Despite these promising developments, existing commercial systems
rarely exhibit fully autonomous task and motion planning
capabilities. This is not due to a lack of interest, but rather to our
lack of understanding how discrete task planning can be integrated
with advanced motion planning techniques. Research has not yet
produced the algorithmic and theoretical results necessary to
integrate techniques for automated decision making at the task and
motion planning levels. The major challenges are twofold: real-world
applications pose complex requirements, such as dynamic environments
and real-time, continuous operation; and there is an inherent
difficulty in combining the radically different search and inference
procedures underlying the two forms of planning.

In the last few years, autonomous mobile robots have become a
commercial reality. Despite the increasing availability of autonomous
solutions, by and large, these systems rely on pre-calculated motions
and static, pre-computed plans. Companies have a real interest in
increasing the level of automation provided by their solutions, both
at the task planning and at the motion planning levels. This workshop
aims to bring an application focus to the problem of integrating these
two forms of planning, and to ground the scientific problems
underlying such integration.

TAMPRA is open to solutions for any combination of task and motion
planning techniques. Preference will be accorded to papers that
include experimental work in real-world applications. Specific topics
of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

* Experimental results from fielded systems
* Reasoning with kinodynamic constraints
* Constraint-based reasoning
* Planning under uncertainty
* Geometric, temporal, and/or spatial reasoning
* Resource reasoning / scheduling
* Manipulation planning techniques
* Meta-CSP techniques for integrated reasoning
* HTN, classical and timeline-based planning
* Decision-theoretic planning

TAMPRA is a one-day workshop, and will be structured to foster
discussion and interaction.  Selected papers accepted by the program
committee will be presented in short sessions (2-3 papers) on a common
theme.  A member of the PC will be assigned to each theme and provide
a brief commentary on the collection of contributions pertaining to
that theme.

We welcome submissions of two types: technical papers, and position
papers. The former can be up to eight pages in length, the latter up
to four. Papers may address both technical solutions and problem
statements. All accepted papers will appear in the workshop
proceedings. In case of high interest in this workshop, we will pursue
publication of a special journal issue to include the best papers.

Submission instructions:
Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the AAAI
formatting guidelines and style. Papers should be submitted by email
in PDF format to: tampra2012 at aass.oru.se

* Paper submission deadline: February 26th 2012
* Notification of acceptance: April 13th 2012
* Camera-ready version due: April 29th 2012

* Marcello Cirillo -- AASS, Örebro University
* Brian Gerkey -- Willow Garage
* Federico Pecora -- AASS, Örebro University
* Mike Stilman -- Georgia Institute of Technology

* Bhaskara Marthi -- Willow Garage
* Emrah Akın Şişbot -- University of Washington
* Tsz-Chiu Au -- The University of Texas at Austin
* Adi Botea -- NICTA
* Wolfram Burgard -- University of Freiburg
* Marc Cavazza -- University of Teesside
* Sachin Chitta -- Willow Garage
* Minh Do -- Xerox PARC
* Esra Erdem -- Sabanci University
* Jean-Loup Farges -- ONERA
* Susana Fernández Arregui -- U. Carlos III de Madrid
* Alberto Finzi -- Università di Napoli "Federico II"
* Julien Guitton -- LAAS-CNRS
* Geoffrey Hollinger -- University of Southern California
* Kaijen Hsiao -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
* Lars Karlsson -- Örebro University
* Sven Koenig -- University of Southern California
* Carlos Linares López -- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
* Héctor Muñoz Ávila -- Lehigh University
* Jeff Orkin -- MIT Media Lab
* Volkan Patoğlu -- Sabanci University
* David Pizzi -- University of Teesside
* Erion Plaku -- Catholic University of America
* Roland Phillipsen -- Halmstad University
* Mihail Pivtoraiko -- Carnegie Mellon University
* Ananth Ranganathan -- Honda Research Institute
* Alessandro Saffiotti -- Örebro University
* Sanem Sariel Talay -- Istanbul Technical University
* David Sislak -- Czech Technical University in Prague
* David E. Smith -- NASA
* Kartik Talamadupula -- Arizona State University

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