[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers - Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Robotics

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it
Wed Nov 30 13:51:38 PST 2011

Call for Papers:
Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics, published by Springer.

Special Issue:
Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Robotics: Sensing, Representation and

As we expect robots to take part to our everyday life, the concept of AI 
as a
separable and specific part of a robot architecture shows its intrinsic
limitations. The stress on "sensing", "representation" and "action" is 
by the need of distributing AI principles and methods at various levels 
of robot
architectures, with respect to both hardware and software aspects. A 
designed robot shape and morphology can be helpful in solving tasks 
without an
explicitly devoted underlying computational process, whereas a carefully
designed software architecture can play a dramatic role in such complex 
as robots are.

The need arises to design novel paradigms to face complex challenges in
Human-Robot interaction tasks, specifically since intelligence is 
expected to
play major roles in sensing, representation and action processes. For this
reason, the Special Issue will focus on distributed AI techniques aimed at
producing a consistent advancement with respect to the current state of 
art on
sensing techniques, multi-modal information fusion, knowledge representation
(with a specific emphasis on formal methodologies to encode information),
reasoning and control, as well as on engineering aspects related to 
data processing and programming tools.

Contributions are solicited in those branches of research in Artificial
Intelligence and Robotics that explicitly take the interaction between 
and the real-world into account, such as Human-Robot interaction, 
and behaviour modelling, sensor data fusion, logic and neural based 
representation mechanisms, reasoning and control. Possible topics include:

- AI based software architectures for robots
- AI mediated Human-Robot Interaction
- AI methods in sensing and perception
- AI sensory-motor loops
- AI techniques applied to robot control
- Behaviour and reasoning models
- Bio-inspired and neural approaches to sensing, representation and action
- Bootstrapping AI techniques
- Distributed knowledge representation
- Formalisms for the fast prototyping of robot-based AI solutions
- Machine Learning and Robotics
- Multi-modal perception and information fusion
- Ontology models and data semantics
- Real-time reasoning and planning
- Real-world case studies
- Robot morphology and situated AI

Paper submission:
First submission: March 2012
Decisions and notification to authors: May 2012
Final submission of accepted articles: July 2012
Expected publication: October 2012

On-line submission:
Authors should submit an electronic copy of their article using the 
manager system at:


Please indicate that the article is for this Special Issue during the
submission procedure. Instructions for authors about how to prepare their
manuscript are available at:


Special Issue editors:
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, University of Genova, Italy.
Nak Young Chong, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it
nakyoung at jaist.ac.jp

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