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October articles in the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 
are now available:

*Nonparametric and Semi-parametric Sensor Recovery in Multichannel Condition 
Monitoring Systems
   Haitao Liao and Jian Sun
   Pages:  744-753

*Symbolic Computation of Reduced Guards in Supervisory Control
   Sajed Miremadi, Knut Åkesson, and Bengt Lennartson
   Pages:   754-765

*A practical approach for maximally permissive liveness-enforcing supervision 
of complex resource allocation   systems
   Ahmed Nazeem and Spyros Reveliotis
   Pages:  766-779

*An Integrated Pricing and Deteriorating Model and a Hybrid Algorithm for a VMI 
(Vendor Managed    Inventory) Supply Chain
  Yugang Yu, George Q. Huang, Zhaofu Hong, and Xiandong Zhang
   Pages:  673-682

*Optimization Based Method for Supply Location Selection and Routing in Large 
Scale Emergency Material   Delivery
   Yunjun Han, Xiaohong Guan, and Leyuan Shi
   Pages:  683-693

*The Linehaul-Feeder Vehicle Routing Problem with Virtual Depots
   Huey-Kuo Chen, Huey-Wen Chou, Che-Fu Hsueh, and Tsung-Yu Ho
   Pages:  694-704

*Self Assessment Based Decision Making for Multi-Agent Cooperative Search
   P. B. Sujit and Debasish Ghose
   Pages:  705-719

*An Adaptive Sampling Algorithm for Simulation-Based Optimization with 
Descriptive Complexity Preference
   Qing-Shan Jia
   Pages:  720-731

*Allocating resources in multi-agent flowshops with adaptive auctions
   Hoong Chuin Lau, Zhengyi John Zhao, Shuzhi Sam Ge,  and Tong Heng Lee
   Pages:  732-743

*Stochastic Algorithms for Discrete Parameter Simulation Optimization
   Shalabh Bhatnagar, Vivek Kumar Mishra, and Nandyala Hemachandra
   Pages:  780-793

*Supervisor Optimization for Deadlock Resolution in Automated Manufacturing 
Systems With Petri Nets
   Hesuan Hu, Mengchu Zhou, and Zhiwu Li
   Pages:  794-804

*Bending-Invariant Correspondence Matching on 3D Human Bodies for Feature Point 
   Samuel S.-M. Li, Charlie C.L. Wang, and Kin-Chuen Hui
   Pages:  805-814

*Optimal Image-Based Euclidean Calibration of Structured Light Systems in 
General Scenes
   Nathaniel Bird, and Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
   Pages:  815-823

*Development and Force/Position Control of a New Hybrid Thermo-Piezoelectric 
microGripper dedicated to     micromanipulation tasks
   Micky Rakotondrabe and Ioan Alexandru Ivan
   Pages:  824-834

*Model-Assisted Stochastic Learning for Robotic Applications
   Jeremy A. Marvel and Wyatt S. Newman
   Pages:  835-845

*Linear Programming SVM-ARMA2K with application in engine system identification
   Zhao Lu, Jing Sun and Kenneth Butts
   Pages:  846-854

*Optimization of Train Regulation and Energy Usage of Metro Lines Using an 
Adaptive-Optimal-Control Algorithm
   Wei-Song Lin and Jih-Wen Sheu
   Pages:  855-864

Short Paper
*On the Flexible Demand Assignment Problems: Case of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
   Bahram Alidaee, Haibo Wang, and Frank Landram
   Pages:  865-868


Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and 
in our daily lives. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with 
mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a 
rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. To meet 
these challenges, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society established a 
major archival journal on Automation Science and Engineering to publish 
the abstractions, algorithms, theory, methodologies, models, systems, and 
case studies that can be applied across industries to significantly 
advance efficiency, quality, productivity, and reliability for society.

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