[robotics-worldwide] Warrior Web Broad Agency Announcement - DARPA funding opportunity (Mike Perschbacher)

Perschbacher, Mike (Google) mrpmsp at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 05:17:05 PDT 2011

A DARPA funding opportunity is available with the announced Warrior Web
program.  Warrior Web will develop the technologies required to prevent and
reduce musculoskeletal injuries caused by dynamic events typically found in
the warfighter's environment. This will be accomplished by a system (or web)
of structures and mechanics, in the form of a skin-suit, that are compliant
and transparent until injury-causing conditions activate appropriate changes
in the web structure.  Robotic technologies associated with injury
mitigation, actuation, dynamic walking, and energy harvesting are believed
applicable to the suit performance desired.  A BAA of 5 core technology
areas of interest has been released, with a Proposer’s Day announced for 13
OCT 11 will occur in Arlington, VA.

Links to the BAA announcement are as follows:




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