[robotics-worldwide] Call for papers: ICAPS 2012 Special Track on Continuous Planning

Maria Fox Maria.Fox at cis.strath.ac.uk
Mon Oct 10 03:02:22 PDT 2011

This posting announces a Special Track on Continuous Planning, to be 
held as part of the 2012 International conference on Automated Planning 
and Scheduling (ICAPS). The goal of the special track is to increase the 
participation at ICAPS of researchers in the robotics community, and 
other related communities, who are working on aspects of hybrid control 
and plan-based control of robotic systems.

************Call for Papers**************

ICAPS 2012 Special Track on Continuous Planning

The 22nd International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, 
ICAPS'12, will take place in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 24-28, 
2012. ICAPS'12 is part of the ICAPS conference series, the premier forum 
for exchanging news and research results on theory and applications of 
intelligent planning and scheduling technology.

This year ICAPS is pleased to introduce a Special Track on Continuous 
Planning. We interpret Continuous Planning broadly, in the context of 
robustly executing and planning tasks online, planning with continuous 
change, management of continuous resources, real-time behavior and
mixed discrete-continuous dynamics. This is intended as a 
multi-disciplinary track that focuses on all elements of online systems 
that perform real-time planning, execution, monitoring and adaptation. 
Topics include, but are not limited to, real-time planning, planning in 
mixed discrete-continuous domains, planning for systems with hidden 
state, plan monitoring and diagnosis of discrete and continuous systems.

We are keen to explore the interactions between Continuous Planning and 
closely related disciplines concerned with continuous modeling and 
reasoning. Papers are encouraged both from the planning community and 
from a range of neighboring disciplines, including model-based 
reasoning, hybrid systems, run-time verification, control and robotics. 
We also hope to see papers drawn from the application of aspects of 
Continuous Planning to real problems in - for example - robotics, 
aerospace, asset management and diagnosis. In order to foster an 
inclusive interpretation of Continuous Planning, the track has a 
separate program committee that is drawn from a range of relevant 
disciplines. We look forward to receiving papers that fit this broad 
interpretation and hope that this Special Track will help to establish 
Continuous Planning as a regular feature of ICAPS, on the interface 
between Planning and its sister disciplines.

Important Dates
The timetable for paper submissions and reviewing is as follows:
Electronic abstracts: Friday, December 9th, 2011
Electronic PDF papers: Friday, December 16th, 2011
Notification of acceptance: Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

The reference timezone for all deadlines is UTC-12. This means that if 
you are in time anywhere in the world, then you are in time!

Track Chairs:
Brian Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Maria Fox (King's College London)

Program Committee:
Eyal Amir
Benjamin Kuipers
Adnan Darwiche
Martin Leucker
Emilio Frazzoli
Gregory Provan
Pascal van Hentenryck
Marco Roveri
Klaus Havelund
Nicholas Roy
Michael Hofbaur
Wheeler Ruml
Felix Ingrand
Martin Sachenbacher
Johan de Kleer
Barry O'Sullivan
Sertac Karaman
Louise Trave-Massuyes
Hadas Kress-Gazit

For further information see the ICAPS-12 website, here:

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