[robotics-worldwide] PhD position available in MAHI lab at Rice University

Marcia O'Malley omalleym at rice.edu
Thu Oct 13 08:49:47 PDT 2011

1 funded PhD position is available in the Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Rice University (Houston, TX, USA)  

--- A Cyber-Physical Systems approach to Robot Design --- 
Major technical challenges impede the effectiveness of modeling and
simulation of novel robot designs. This project develops foundations and
tools for overcoming these challenges. Our research effort, a collaboration
between Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at Rice University,
Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M, and Halmstad University in Sweden, will
develop and validate foundations, methods, and tools for the modeling and
simulation of cyber-physical systems (CPS). The MAHI lab will contribute to
this effort by validating the software test bed to be developed on an
upper-extremity exoskeleton robot (the RiceWrist). Applicants with strong
skills in dynamic systems and controls, including modeling, simulation, and
hardware implementation, are sought. Excellent communication and
collaboration skills are required as the student will be expected to work
closely with the language-design team. Additionally, students will be
expected to spend part of their time in Sweden as part of the collaboration.
More information can be found here:

Applicants for this NSF-funded PhD position should have a Bachelor's degree
or Master's degree in mechanical engineering or closely related fields (e.g.
robotics, electrical, control engineering). Excellent communication skills,
both spoken and written English, are expected. Hands-on experience with
robot design, fabrication, and/or real-time control implementation is
desirable. Complementary skills in computer science, computational tools for
simulation of dynamic systems, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation would
also be valuable, although not required. Women, underrepresented minorities,
and individuals with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

To apply, submit an on-line application to the graduate program in
Mechanical Engineering at Rice, as instructed here:

Students can apply to enter the program either in 
- January 2012 (deadline November 1, 2011), or 
- August 2012 (deadline February 1, 2012). 
Applicants desiring Fall 2012 start will be encouraged to begin research in
May/June 2012. 

More about the MAHI lab:
The MAHI Lab focuses on the design, manufacture, and evaluation of
mechatronic or robotic systems to model, rehabilitate, enhance or augment
the human sensorimotor control system. To this end, we employ analytical and
experimental approaches from the field of dynamic systems and controls, with
inspiration from human motor control and neuroscience. We are also engaged
in the development of novel approaches for teaching dynamic systems and
For more information, please visit our website: http://mahilab.rice.edu 

Marcia K. O'Malley (Marcie), Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Rice University, 6100 Main Street
MEMS - MS 321, Houston, TX 77005-1892
Phone: (713) 348-3545, Fax: (713) 348-5423
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