[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc position in Control Algorithms for Dextrous Manipulation with Multifingered Robot Hands

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Wed Oct 19 09:54:45 PDT 2011

The Interactive Robotic Laboratory (LRI) of the French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA), http://www.cea.fr/english_portal , seeks qualified candidates for

1 post-doc position in control algorithms for dextrous manipulation with multifingered robot hands.

The research will be conducted in the context of the HANDLE project (http://www.handle-project.eu/ ) a 4-year project funded by the European Community within the Seventh Framework Program FP7.
The HANDLE project aims at understanding how humans perform the manipulation of objects in order to replicate grasping and skilled in-hand movements with an anthropomorphic artificial hand, and thereby move robot grippers from current best practice towards more autonomous, natural and effective articulated hands. The project implies not only focusing on technological developments but also working with fundamental multidisciplinary research aspects in order to endow the robotic hand system with advanced perception capabilities, high level feedback control and elements of intelligence that allow recognition of objects and context, reasoning about actions and a high degree of recovery from failure during the execution of dexterous tasks.

The post-doctoral researcher will develop and implement control algorithms for grasping and manipulation with the new multifingered robot hand that is developed by the laboratory. The objectives concern the online computation of grasping force and optimal tightening forces for multi-fingered robust manipulation.



The postdoctoral researcher should have a strong background in robotics modeling, kinematics, applied mathematics such as optimization, and computer programming (C++).

Experiences in one or several of the following areas are required:
- control of robot arm manipulator ;
- manipulation with multifingered robot hands ;
- robot interaction modeling.

The position offers the opportunity to collaborate with some research teams in Europe.

This post-doc position is a two-year contract.
Starting date: as soon as possible.

For further details and application please contact :
Alain Micaelli (alain.micaelli at cea.fr<mailto:alain.micaelli at cea.fr> )
Mathieu Grossard (mathieu.grossard at cea.fr<mailto:mathieu.grossard at cea.fr> )


More about the Interactive Robotic Lab:

CEA LIST develops innovative technologies which associates software and hardware components for the design and control of complex system requiring a high level of integration. The Interactive Robotic Laboratory has developed skills for the robotized manipulation of every-day object and applied its experience in robotics to disabled-people needs and for assistant robot in industry or at home. Research interests of the Interactive Robotic Laboratory are the design of robots in interaction with humans, model-based and nonlinear identification; analysis and optimization of flexible mechanisms, as well as advanced control. In the field of medicine and rehabilitation, CEA has developed several very innovative lightweight exoskeleton and also new control algorithm for robotic manipulators (such as arm and hand) in force and position/vision. CEA has also a strong experience in mechatronics and has developed software tools and technologies for optimal design of lightweight robots based on innovative actuator and master-slave force-feedback telemanipulators.


Alain Micaelli, PhD, Interactive Simulation Laboratory
Mathieu Grossard, PhD, Interactive Robotic Laboratory

18 route du Panorama
92120 Fontenay-aux-Roses

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