[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 29(7) December 2011

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Wed Oct 19 06:53:27 PDT 2011

Volume 29 Part 7 December 2011

A force analysis of a 3-RPS parallel mechanism by using screw theory,
Y. Zhao, J. F. Liu and Z. Huang                                                                  959

Classification of periodic and chaotic passive limit cycles for a compass-gait
biped with gait asymmetries, Jae-Sung Moon and Mark W. Spong                           967

D-type iterative learning control without resetting condition for robot
manipulators, Farah Bouakrif                                                                   975

Synthesis of control law considering wheel–ground interaction and contact
stability of autonomous mobile robot, Teresa Zielinska and Andrzej
Chmielniak                                                                                   981

Omnidirectional locomotion and traction control of the wheel-driven,
wall-climbing robot, Cromsci D. Schmidt, C. Hillenbrand and K. Berns                           991

Motion prediction and supervisory control of the macro–micro parallel
manipulator system, Xuechao Duan, Yuanying Qiu, Jianwei Mi and Ze Zhao                 1005

Shuffle turning in humanoid robots through load distribution control of the
soles, Masanao Koeda, Toshitatsu Ito and Tsuneo Yoshikawa                                 1017

Developing contour surfaces of manipulators with specified dexterities,
K. Y. Tsai, P. J. Lin and H. Y. Yu                                                         1025

Visual servoing for path reaching with nonholonomic robots, Andrea
Cherubini, François Chaumette and Giuseppe Oriolo                                         1037

Biologically inspired motion synthesis method of two-legged robot with
Compliant feet, Teresa Zielinska and Andrzej Chmielniak                                 1049

Parameterized collision region for centralized motion planning of multiagents
along specified paths, Jeong S. Choi, Younghwan Yoon, Myoung H. Choi
and Beom H. Lee                                                                         1059

TRIPILLAR: a miniature magnetic caterpillar climbing robot with plane
Transition ability, Patrick Schoeneich, Frederic Rochat, Olivier Truong-Dat
Nguyen, Roland Moser and Francesco Mondada                                         1075

A new geometric method for singularity analysis of spherical mechanisms,
Soheil Zarkandi.                                                                        1083

Design and analysis of a totally decoupled 3-DOF spherical parallel manipulator,
Dan Zhang, and Fan Zhang                                                                1093

Letter to Editor: Comments on “Design and analysis of a totally decoupled
3-DOF spherical parallel manipulator” by D. Zhang and F. Zhang,  Xianwen
Kong, Clément Gosselin and Marco Carricato                                                 1101

ERRATUM: Design and analysis of a totally decoupled 3-DOF spherical parallel
manipulator – ERRATUM, Dan Zhang and Fan Zhang                                         1105

Design and analysis of a 3-DOF spherical parallel manipulator – CORRECTED
VERSION, Dan Zhang and Fan Zhang                                                         1109

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