[robotics-worldwide] DARPA Seeks Terrestrial Robotics Community Input For New Satellite Servicing Technology Program; Invites Participation in Industry Days in November 2011.

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Sun Oct 23 18:18:29 PDT 2011

DARPA invites the worldwide robotics community to participate in one or both industry days in November for a new program, Phoenix. Phoenix seeks input to develop and demonstrate technologies to cooperatively harvest and re-use valuable components (such as antennas) from retired, nonworking satellites in geosynchronous orbit and demonstrate the ability to create new space systems at greatly reduced cost.

DARPA is seeking participants to expand upon the current use of robotics from ground applications to new applications in space, using existing commercially developed processes, techniques and technologies.

Critical to the success of the Phoenix program is active participation from the U.S., the international community and non-traditional participants involved in these vital technical areas:

*             Industrial robotics end effectors and tool changeout mechanisms and techniques

*             Computer-assisted medical robotics microsurgical telepresence, tools and imaging

*             Radiation tolerant microelectronics and memory storage

*             Distributed wireless mobile platform solutions for ad hoc connectivity and control

*             Industrial electronic control systems

*             Terrestrial microminiature guidance and control measurement units

*             Remote underwater imaging/vision technologies used in the offshore oil and gas drilling industry

*             Terrestrial manufacturing of high volume microelectronics and computer data storage

*             Terrestrial thermal management design technology of electronic devices and systems

*             Low-cost industrial manufacturing of high-volume sheet metal and other structural materials

*             Additive manufacturing on various structural materials

For more information on Phoenix and details on attending one of two upcoming industry days in the United States, please see:

DARPA's Phoenix Industry Day Registration: https://www.schafertmd.com/conference/phoenix2011/index.php

DARPA's Phoenix Industry Day Special Notice: http://go.usa.gov/9hZ

DARPA's Phoenix News Release/YouTube Video: http://go.usa.gov/9tC

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