[robotics-worldwide] Ethics and Robotics teacher's resource on-line

Illah Nourbakhsh illah at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Oct 31 13:57:24 PDT 2011

With thanks to numerous teachers and researchers who have proposed 
specific reading assignments, I would like to
ask for input and feedback regarding a teacher's resource on-line for 
integrating ethics and robotics discussions into
introductory robotics courses, whether for a one-day special topic on 
ethics, a multi-week segment, or an entire
semester-long class dedicated to the subject of ethics and robotics.

The site is at: http://ethicsandrobotics.org and I welcome your comments 
and additional materials, which I am happy to
integrate into the existing collection with all due credit.

Illah Nourbakhsh
Carnegie Mellon University

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