[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 30(6) Oct 2012

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Sun Aug 12 18:08:06 PDT 2012

Volume 30 Part 6 October 2012

Combined visual odometry and visual compass for off-road mobile robots
localization, Ramon Gonzalez, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Luis Guzman,
Cedric Pradalier and Roland Siegwart                                                           865

Optimal independent contact regions for two-fingered grasping of polygon,
Thanathorn Phoka, Pawin Vongmasa, Chaichana Nilwatchararang,
Peam Pipattanasomporn and Attawith Sudsang                                                   879

A sonar ring with continuous matched filtering and dynamically switched
templates, Damien C. Browne and Lindsay Kleeman                                                          891

Swimming locomotion modeling for biomimetic underwater vehicle with two
undulating long-fins, Liuji Shang, Shuo Wang, Min Tan and Long Cheng                           913

Stiffness analysis of a compliant precision positioning stage, X. Jia, J. Liu,
Y. Tian and D. Zhang                                                                           925

Failure recovery for wrench capability of wire-actuated parallel manipulators,
Leila Notash                                                                                   941

Self-organizing approach for learning the forward kinematic multiple solutions
of parallel manipulators, Samy F. M. Assal                                                           951

An improved kinematic model for calibration of serial robots having closed-chain
mechanisms, Minh To and Phil Webb                                                           963

Analysis of successes and failures with a tele-operated mobile robot in various
modes of operation, David Adrian Sanders TD, Dr Ian Stott, Dr David Robinson
and Dr David Ndzi                                                                           973

Limit cycle walking, running, and skipping of telescopic-legged rimless wheel,
Fumihiko Asano and Masashi Suguro                                                           989

A new approach to determine the maximal singularity-free zone of 3-RPR planar
parallel manipulator, G. Abbasnejad, H. M. Daniali and S. M. Kazemi                                          1005

Neuro-fuzzy-based skill learning for robots, Hsien-I. Lin and C. S. George Lee                                  1013

Calibration of wheeled mobile robots with differential drive mechanisms:
an experimental approach, Y. Maddahi, N. Sepehri, A. Maddahi and
M. Abdolmohammadi                                                                         1029 

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