[robotics-worldwide] Extension of deadline for IROS 2012 workshop on navigation & manipulation assistance for robotic wheelchairs

Eric Demeester eric.demeester at mech.kuleuven.be
Tue Aug 14 07:16:07 PDT 2012

*** Apologies for multiple postings ***

Dear colleagues,

After several requests to postpone submission of papers to the IROS 2012 
workshop on "Progress, Challenges and Future Perspectives in Navigation 
and Manipulation Assistance for Robotic Wheelchairs", we decided to 
extend the deadline.
The new and final deadline is 20 August 2012.

This full-day workshop will be held at the IROS 2012 conference 
(http://www.iros2012.org/site/) in Vilamoura (Portugal) on Friday 12 
October 2012.

The workshop welcomes papers on novel human-machine interfaces, 
approaches and design guidelines for navigation and manipulation shared 
control, benchmarking and evaluation of such assistive approaches by end 
users, and modelling and prediction techniques of dynamic environments.

More information can be found below and on the workshop website:

Please feel free to contribute to the workshop, by submitting your paper 

Best regards,

the organizing committee:

Eric Demeester, Emmanuel Vander Poorten, Alexander Hüntemann and Joris 
De Schutter (KU Leuven)
Wolfram Burgard (ALU-Freiburg)
Urbano Nunes (Universidade de Coimbra)
José Millán (EPFL)
Matteo Matteucci (Politecnico di Milano)
Yiannis Demiris (Imperial College London)


- Navigation and manipulation shared control for robotic wheelchairs: 
approaches, design guidelines, evaluation and comparison
- Driver modelling and adaptation: prediction of driver signals, stress 
detection, estimation of focus-of-attention
- Intention estimation or plan recognition
- Novel human-machine interfaces: haptic joystick, brain-computer 
interface, voice control, eye tracking
- Modelling of dynamic obstacles' motion and socially-compliant motion 
- Environment modelling: object recognition, traversability estimation, 
estimation of surface characteristics
- Bringing assistive robots to the market: legal and ethical issues, key 
enablers and major roadblocks
- User tests and benchmark experiments
- Survey papers

The workshop aims to address the following questions:
- How to make shared control systems intuitive and trustworthy?
- How to evaluate and compare shared control systems? What are good 
benchmark tests?
- What are the bottlenecks to bring shared control systems to the market?

Paper submission
Papers can be 4-8 pages in length, optionally accompanied by a video.
All submissions will be reviewed for relevance to the topic of the 
Paper format: please follow the IROS 2012 Manuscript Preparation 
Guidelines and submit your pdf file here:

Important dates:
* Submission deadline: 20 August 2012
* Notification of acceptance: 4 September 2012
* Final submission: 10 September 2012
* Workshop: Friday 12 October 2012

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