[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Special Issue of Interaction Studies on Gaze in Human and Human-Robot Communication

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Mon Aug 20 03:30:15 PDT 2012

*Call for papers:* *Interaction Studies Special Issue on Gaze in Human and
Human-Robot Communication*

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Advancements in robot design and supporting technologies such as computer
vision and speech recognition enable robots to interact with humans in a
robust and natural manner. These increased interaction capabilities place
new expectations on robots to correctly produce and interpret social
behaviours that humans use in face-to-face communication. One of the most
salient behaviours that these interactions involve is gaze. Gaze cues
communicate information on the attention, intentions, and emotional state
of individuals and play a key role in turn management in conversations.
Current research on gaze in robotics is informed by a history of research
in psychology and related fields and primarily comprised of research from
the burgeoning fields of human-robot interaction and social robotics.
Research in this area benefits from the development of models of gaze
behavior for robots and empirical evaluations of robot gaze controllers,
both working toward advancing the state of the art in human-robot

We invite submissions of original human-robot interaction and social
robotics research as well as research in related fields relevant to the
topic of “Gaze in Human and Human-Robot Communication.” The submissions
should address one or more specific aspects of a better understanding of
human gaze toward informing robot design, models of humanlike gaze for
robots, and the role of gaze in human-robot communication.

Examples of topics of interest for this special issue are:

- Gaze and verbal communication

- Gaze and other nonverbal behaviours

- Gaze in conversational turn management

- Gaze as a measure of attentional, mental, and emotional states

- The role of gaze in social interaction

- Computational models of interactive gaze behaviour

- Robot gaze control for human-robot interaction

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*Submission Format:*

We are seeking full papers describing original research at a mature stage
of development up to 8000 words. We also invite submissions in the form of
research reports that are shorter articles (2000-3000 words) describing
research that is complete but more limited in scope than what would justify
a full article.

Further details about the required submission format for Interaction
Studies can be found at:

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*Statement of Intent:*

Authors planning to contribute to the special issue should email the
corresponding editor (frank.broz at plymouth.ac.uk) with a tentative author
list, title, and abstract for their proposed manuscript as well as a
statement whether they intend to submit a full paper or a research report
as soon as possible but no later than the date listed below. **

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*Important Dates:** *

Submission of statement of intent: September 31, 2012

Submission of papers:* *January 15, 2013

Notifications: April 15, 2013

Revisions due: June 31, 2013**

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*About Interaction Studies:*

This international, peer-reviewed journal aims to advance knowledge in the
growing and strongly interdisciplinary area of Interaction Studies in
biological and artificial systems. Understanding social behaviour and
communication in biological and artificial systems requires knowledge of
evolutionary, developmental and neurobiological aspects of social behaviour
and communication; the embodied nature of interactions; origins and
characteristics of social and narrative intelligence; perception, action
and communication in the context of dynamic and social environments; social
learning, adaptation and imitation; social behaviour in human-machine
interactions; the nature of empathic understanding, behaviour and intention
reading; minimal requirements and systems exhibiting social behaviour; the
role of cultural factors in shaping social behaviour and communication in
biological or artificial societies.

*Special Issue Editors:*

Frank Broz (frank.broz at plymouth.ac.uk), *Plymouth University*, Plymouth,
United Kingdom

Hagen Lehmann (h.lehmann at herts.ac.uk), *University of Hertfordshire*,
Hatfield, United Kingdom

Yukiko Nakano (y.nakano at st.seikei.ac.jp), *Seikei University*, Tokyo, Japan

Bilge Mutlu (bilge at cs.wisc.edu), *University of Wisconsin-Madison, *Madison,

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