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International Conference on Social Robotics 

                Robot's Got Talent 2012 Competition



Nowadays, the growing importance of our "Wellness" of life, we have more
opportunities to enjoy cultural life. With this trend, robotic scientists
have tried to share the cultural life with humans and robots. 


>From this year, the International Conference on Social Robotics brings
researchers and practitioners together to enjoy the performances of robots.
"Robot's Got Talent 2012" is the first robot audition and concert in the
world. You can join us by showing the performances of your robot, for
example, acting, dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. 


You can bring your robot systems with prepared performances. Also the
International Conference on Social Robotics will provide the Aldebaran NAO
robot system during the conference period for the participants who don't
have own robot systems. Also, the International Conference on Social
Robotics will help you how to use the Aldebaran NAO robot system. 


Please join to "Robot's Got Talent 2012" and enjoy yourself in ICSR2012. 

Some details are as follows. 


1. Rules 

1.1. "Robot's Got Talent 2012" is open to any student or professionals in
the world. 

1.2. Performance time is limited to less than 10 minutes (5 minutes is
appropriate). In the case of dancing or singing, one song is appropriate. 

1.3. The participants who want to use and learn the Aldebaran NAO robot
system should make the application by online until the deadline. 


2. The Jury 

2.1. The jury is composed of three experts and audiences. 

2.2. Judging by three experts will be based on quality of content and impact
of performance. 

2.3. Audiences will vote the best performer after finishing all

2.4. The best performer nominees are decided by juries and audiences. Then,
the best performer nominees will have the final stage at the banquet and the
winner will be announced. 


3. Awards 

3.1. Three teams will receive cash prize awards: 

- The Best Performer Prize: USD 300 

- The Impressive Performer Prize: USD 200 

- The Best Onsite Performer Prize: USD 100 

3.2. All cash prize awards are paid gross/before income tax. 

3.3. The Best Onsite Performer will be selected among the onsite
participants using the Aldebaran NAO robot system. 


4. Registration 

4.1. Registration is required for all participants (prepared competition &
onsite competition). Please fill in the online form. 

4.2. Applicant submission will be accepted via an online submission:

4.3. Only eight applicants can be selected for the onsite competition using
the Aldebaran NAO robot system. It can be the good chance to learn how to
use the Aldebaran NAO robot system from experts. The applicants who are
first-come with interesting performance plan will get advantages. 


5. Deadline 

- Submission deadline for the onsite competition: 10 September, 2012 

- Notification for the onsite competition: 20 September, 2012 

- Registration deadline for all competition: 1 October, 2012 

- Announce the time table for preliminary: 15 October, 2012 


6. Contact 

Ho Seok AHN (hoseoka at gmail.com / sec.icsr at gmail.com)

ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories 



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