[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc position in vehicle automation, Halmstad University, Sweden

Roland Philippsen roland.philippsen at hh.se
Mon Aug 20 04:32:19 PDT 2012

Thanks to recent advances by the roboticists, autonomous vehicle
technology has reached a stage where the major obstacles to widespread
use now lie in other domains, such as regulatory frameworks and the
creation of a mass market.  Independent safety certification will be an
essential ingredient for general acceptance of highly automated cars and
trucks, and virtual testing promises to greatly reduce risks and costs
for manufacturers to develop such products.

The Computing and Communication lab at Halmstad University, Sweden,
participates in a large project in this domain, funded by Sweden’s
innovation agency (Vinnova).  We thus have an immediate opening for a
post-doc with a background in robotics, especially autonomous vehicles,
interested in high-fidelity modeling, simulation, and validation of
cyber-physical systems.  You would bring your expertise into early-stage
sensory-motor system design tools, in particular to develop a series of
increasingly complex mathematical models (e.g. dynamics, sensing,
communication) relevant for autonomous vehicles.  For more details,
please visit:


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