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Ugo Cupcic ugo at shadowrobot.com
Wed Aug 22 23:03:09 PDT 2012


Could you post this on the mailing list? I already had a message about the
forum published on the mailing list (which gave us lots of new followers on
the forum, thanks a lot for that), but we still need a bit of work to go to
the next phase.




Hi everyone again,

Thank you so much to all the people who have showed support for the
new Robotics Stackexchange forum
by signing up and following. We are doing amazingly well, with more
than 170 followers so far!

But we still need your help. We are in the definition phase of the
proposal, in which we try to define
exactly what kinds of questions we expect to see when the forum comes
into being. This means
we need to do a couple of things before we reach the next stage.

1. Ask some good questions. Exactly the kind of questions you might
ask on a real robotics forum.
2. Vote for the kinds of questions you would like to see on a robotics

Each follower gets 5 questions and 5 votes. We need to achieve a total
of 40 questions with 10 votes.
We have 20 so far.

So, please please come and participate and help us define the kind of
forum we can all benefit from.
Please look over the questions that are already there, and vote for
the ones you like. However, there
is no need to vote for questions which already have 10 votes.

Many thanks

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