[robotics-worldwide] The Cyber Savannah: A nature-inspired robot team competition and ecosystem

Torbjorn Dahl Torbjorn.Dahl at newport.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 18:09:44 PDT 2012

Welcome to the Cyber Savannah!

We are proud to announce the launch of a new Webots-based robot programming competition.
The Cyber Savannah is a nature-inspired artificial ecosystem where teams of robots compete for limited resources by keeping themselves safe, locating and consuming berries, and producing offspring.  The winner is the team that survives the longest, or after 30 day/night cycles of 10mins, embodies the most energy in the form of robot bodies and battery levels.

Anyone can participate and compete for the first prize of £500.  The controller submission deadline is 1st Feb, 2013.
The Cyber Savannah will be a free part of Webots 7, scheduled for release in November, 2012, but is already available for people who have a valid licence.  The current version is the result of a final year undergraduate project followed by a summer internship at the Cognitive Robotics Research Centre at the University of Wales, Newport.  It currently works only for Webots 6.4.3 under Windows, but the source code is freely available on our SVN server and we would welcome any efforts to make it work for Webots 6.4.4 and on Linux.

The Cyber Savannah was inspired by the EUCog network (http://www.eucognition.org/) workshops and aims to provide a novel approach to cognitive robotics by promoting the development of multiple integrated skills rather than single capability systems.

For more information, code, documentation, and to watch our promotional video, please visit our web-site (http://crrc.newport.ac.uk/projects/cyber-savannah-competition/).

Can you survive on the Cyber Savannah?!
Torbjørn S. DAHL, MEng, PhD, MIET, ACGI
Reader in Cognitive Robotics/Darllenydd mewn Roboteg Gwybyddol
Cognitive Robotics Research Centre/Ganolfan Ymchwil Roboteg Gwybyddol
University of Wales, Newport/Prifysgol Cymru, Casnewydd
City Campus/Campws y Ddinas, Usk Way/Heol Wysg, Newport/Casnewydd NP20 2BP, UK/DU
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