[robotics-worldwide] Post-Doc & Research Scientist Positions in Robotics and Perception at Georgia Tech

Mike Stilman mstilman at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Aug 31 18:14:42 PDT 2012

The Georgia Institute of Technology Humanoid Robotics Group, led by Prof. 
Mike Stilman, Prof. Aaron Bobick and Prof. Magnus Egerstedt, are looking 
for experienced hard-working researchers. Our goal is to develop a 
humanoid robot platform such as the HUBO humanoid robot (now available at 
Georgia Tech) to achieve novel skills such as moving clutter out of the 
way and cutting through walls. These skills will closely resemble the 
DARPA Robot Challenge Events 3 and 6 as described in the DRC BAA:


Talented, hard-working researchers who are interested in such topics 
should contact Prof. Mike Stilman at (mstilman at cc.gatech.edu) with their 
resumes and any additional supporting information.

We are keenly interested in individuals with experience in Planning, 
Control and Perception for articulated robot systems. Humanoid experience 
is desirable but not necessary.

In particular we seek:

- A researcher with a strong background in planning and control for 
articulated robots. Background in hybrid controls, motion planning and 
C/C++ programming will strengthen the candidacy.

- A researcher with a strong background in combining perception algorithms 
and planning (or control) for articulated robots. Extensive experience 
with perception algorithms, the use of ROS are strongly encouraged.

Please contact Prof. Mike Stilman at (mstilman at cc.gatech.edu) as soon as 
possible (preferably before Sept. 7) if you are interested in 
participating in our exciting new developments.

Best Regards,

Mike Stilman, Aaron Bobick, Magnus Egerstedt
Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Georgia Institute of Technology
email: mstilman at cc.gatech.edu
cell:  (650)283-4284

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