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Call for Papers: The International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)

Special Issue on Long-term Autonomy

********EXTENDED PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE:   January 7, 2013 ********

The problem of long-term autonomy is attracting increased attention in the
robotics research community. State-of-the-art robotic mapping and
localization systems have demonstrated the ability to operate in
increasingly large-scale environments—the DARPA Grand Challenge, Mars
Exploration Rovers, Willow Garage PR2 demos, long-range
visual-teach-and-repeat systems, and Atlantic-Ocean crossing AUVs are only
some of the examples of the maturity of the field. However, it remains to
be seen how to extend the operation time of autonomous robotic systems from
days to months or years. This goal poses new challenges related to robust
long-term operation and lifelong learning. What valuable lessons have been
gleaned from large-scale robotics experiments? What challenges need to be
addressed to ensure robust and continual operation? We invite papers that
exhibit theory and methods applied to the long-term autonomous operation of
robotic systems including:

-persistent estimation in changing environments
-lifelong learning
-mapping and change detection
-introspection for failure and novelty detection
-plasticity, long-term learning and adaptation
-estimation in dynamic environments
-tracking long-term environmental change
-long-term planning and exploration strategies.

Papers must provide technical descriptions of systems and results and
analysis of experimentation. Lessons learned in both development and in
operation are pertinent to the discussion. We encourage submissions that
demonstrate the long-term operation of robust, integrated autonomous
systems. Focus will be given to robots working in particularly demanding,
unstructured locations, e.g. busy homes and offices, on existing road
networks, underground, underwater, in space, and on remote planetary
surfaces. Experimental results are strongly encouraged. IJRR encourages
multimedia content (see the url under ‘Manuscript Submission’ for media
types, format information etc.) and this issue seeks inclusion of media
illustrating system concept, experiments, and of course long-term operation.

Manuscript submission

Please submit papers to:


Under “Manuscript Type” select “Long-term Autonomy”. Submission
instructions for authors, including information on how to submit
multimedia, are available online at:


NB. Style files are not available.

Important dates

(please email one of the guest editors below to express your interest in
submitting a paper by the deadline so we have a rough sense of what's

7 January 2013        Extended Submission deadline
28 February 2013     Completion of first review
15 April 2013           Submission of revised versions
30 May 2013           Completion of final review
15 July 2013           Submission of final manuscripts.
Fall 2013                Online and hard copy publication

Guest Editors

Gabe Sibley (gsibley at gwu.edu) – George Washington University
Jon Kelly (jonathsk at robotics.usc.edu) – Massachusetts Institute of
Tim Barfoot (tim.barfoot at utoronto.ca) – University of Toronto

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