[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 31(2) March 2013

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Wed Dec 19 06:41:02 PST 2012

Volume 31 Part 2 March 2013

Cooperative force control of a hybrid Cartesian parallel manipulator for bone slicing,
Ping-Lang Yen and Shuo-Suei Hung        173

Kinematics/statics and workspace analysis of a 3-leg 5-DoF parallel manipulator with a UPU-type composite active constrained leg,
Yi Lu, Xuili Zhang, Chunping Sui, Jianda Han and Bo Hu        183

Singularity, isotropy, and velocity transmission evaluation of a three translational degrees-of-freedom parallel robot,
Yongjie Zhao        193

A redundant dynamic model of parallel robots for model-based control,
Asier Zubizarreta Itziar Cabanes, Marga Marcos and Charles Pinto        203

Summary of recent standardization activities in the field of robotics,
Seungbin Moon, Sungsoo Rhim, Young-Jo Cho, Kwang-Ho Park and Gurvinder S. Virk        217

A monocular mobile robot reactive navigation approach based on the inverse perspective transformation,
Francisco Bonin-Font, Antoni Burguera, Alberto Ortiz and Gabriel Oliver        225

Extended dynamic fuzzy logic system for a class of MIMO nonlinear systems and its application to robotic manipulators,
M. Hamdy and G. EL-Ghazaly        251

Experiments on multi-agent capture of a stochastically moving object using modified projective path planning,
Vijaysingh Shinde, Ashish Dutta and Anupam Saxena        267

Adapted task configuration of a reconfigurable binary parallel robot with PRRRP structure,
Daniel Schütz, Annika Raatz and Jürgen Hesselbach        285

Dynamic control of a reconfigurable stair-climbing mobility system,
R. Morales, J. Somolinos and J. Cerrada        295

Biped walking control using a trajectory library,
Chenggang Liu, Christopher G. Atkeson and Jianbo Su        311

Reactive and the shortest path navigation of a wheeled mobile robot in cluttered environments,
Andrey V. Savkin and Michael Hoy        323

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