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INNOROBO, the International robotics summit dedicated to service robotics, that will be held in Lyon, France from 19 to 21 of March 2013, is pleased to announce the first “Call for Robotics Start-ups”.  The most promising final five innovative robotics start-ups will be able to take center stage at INNOROBO conference and present their start-ups in front of a highly qualified investors’ audience.

The competition will encourage start-ups from around the world to submit business case to a panel of international investors. Twenty semi -finalists will be selected by Innorobo and five finalists will be chosen by the investors. The five finalists will be invited to present their start up on stage in an interactive session following the investors’ panel discussion on 19 March at 2.00pm.
The emerging field of service robotics is promised to have exceptional growth and is therefore worth more than a simple market-watch.
Catherine SIMON, founder, INNOECHO, the company owning and organizing INNOROBO declares: “To keep up to the promises of market studies, stating the market will grow from $4.2 billion to $22 billion over the next three years, we believe we need two things to occur:  
1. The alignment of key players in various industries from the digital, utilities, services and robotics worlds. Robotics is both a vertical technological field and a transversal dynamic.  
2. Funding at seed and development stages of the robotics start-ups, coming out of Research laboratories and from talented engineers”.
For the latter, INNOROBO “Call for Robotics Start-ups”, is the answer.
Dmitry Grishin, Grishin Robotics, Bruno Bonnell, Robolution Capital and Jan Westerhüs, Robert Bosch Venture Capital as well as François Xavier Meyer from Seb Alliance have agreed to be a part of this first Robotics Call for Start ups - investors gathering. It is an exceptional opportunity for investors to share and exchange with peers and to discover innovative start-ups in the high tech robotics ecosystem.

All details to participate as Investor or Start-up are available on Innorobo website – Call for Start-ups or Investors menu. www.innorobo.com

INNOROBO has focused on service robotics for the past 3 years and have created a one-of-a-kind robotics ecosystem that brings together not only established global robotics companies, but the research, educational and innovative start-ups that are coming onto the scene. We continue to meet and discuss with leaders in the robotics field with the goal to help the service robotics industry accelerate its emergence.

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