[robotics-worldwide] Special Session "Evolution for agent control"

José Santos Reyes santos at udc.es
Wed Dec 19 23:15:12 PST 2012

Special Session "Evolution for agent control" in the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE-CEC 2013). One of the main topics is "Evolutionary Robotics", which uses evolutionary computation to develop controllers for autonomous robots. Moreover, the session considers the combination of evolution and learning methods for robotic control: 


Please, consider to contribute and/or kindly forward this information to the appropriate groups to participate in the session. This conference is one of the leading events in the area of evolutionary computation, to be held in Cancún (México), in June 20-23, 2013. 

Main topics: 

* Aspects of combination of evolution and learning: 

- Lamarckian processes and Baldwinian processes. 

- Memetic algorithms. 

- New proposals of hybridizations of natural computing algorithms like DE, PSO, ant algorithms, or artificial immune systems with heuristics or different agent learning methods. 

- Incorporation of reinforcement, supervised or unsupervised learning, or a combination of these types. Use of connectionist learning in ANN control or symbolic learning methods such as Case Base Reasoning or Inductive Logic Programming. 

* Use of multi-objective solutions for agent control. 

* Co-evolution of agent control with other aspects. 

* Use in robot control: Evolutionary robotics. 

Paper Submission Deadline: 15 February 2013 


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