[robotics-worldwide] PhD position opening at LAAS-CNRS in human-robot interaction

Séverin Lemaignan severin.lemaignan at laas.fr
Fri Dec 21 01:36:47 PST 2012

Dear all,

PhD position opening at LAAS-CNRS in human-robot interaction

The LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France, is looking for an highly motivated 
candidate for a 3 years funded PhD position in the field of Interactive 
and Companion Robotics.

The position focuses on research on architectures for robot cognition: 
state-of-the-art robotic architectures for human-robot interaction have 
to deal with complex streams of events, geometric perceptions and 
symbolic knowledge. How do these streams interact? how to represent 
them? how to make use of them to take autonomous and human-aware 
decisions? While the lab has a strong background on these questions (see 
selected bibliography below), the candidate is expected to push forward 
our understanding of these challenges and to develop novel approaches to 
enrich the upper cognitive abilities of service robots.

The candidate will be directly involved on two scientific projects: the 
French MaRDi (Man-Robot Dialogue) project, focused on natural verbal 
human-robot interaction, and the European SAPHARI project, focused on 
human-robot cooperative manipulation.

This position will also involves a lot of experimental work on the 
robotic platforms.

Recent bibliographic references includes:

- Alami, R. and Warnier, M. and Guitton, J. and Lemaignan, S. and 
Sisbot, E. A. , *When the robot considers the human...* , ISRR 2011

- Lemaignan, S. and Ros, R. and Sisbot, E. A. Alami, R. and Beetz M. , 
*Grounding the Interaction: Anchoring Situated Discourse in Everyday 
Human-Robot Interaction* , International Journal of Social Robotics, 2011

- Warnier, M. and Guitton, J. and Lemaignan, S. and Alami, R. , *When 
the Robot Puts Itself in Your Shoes. Managing and Exploiting Human and 
Robot Beliefs*, ROMAN 2012

Required candidate background:
- excellent general engineering skills
- major in computer science
- software engineering experience and good programming skills (Python/C++)
- strong English communication skills

Background knowledge in the following areas would be a plus:
- robot programming (knowledge of standard middlewares like ROS, GenoM, 
Orocos, BCM, etc.)
- natural language processing

Candidates should send to rachid at laas.fr *before Feb 01, 2013*:
- a letter of motivation,
- a resume,
- grades of their master and a copy of their master thesis (pdf),
- recommendation letters

Start date: early 2013.

LAAS-CNRS one of the leading French robotics laboratory, with over 80 
full-time researchers in artificial intelligence, interactive & service 
robotics, field robotics, humanoid robotics and perception for robotics.

Over 10 robotic platform are available in the lab, including one Kawada 
HRP-2, one Willow Garage's PR2 (a second one is expected soon), a 
Neobotix dual-arm manipulator, one RMP400 for outdoor robotics and 
several drones. The robotic lab also has at hand a full-scale apartment 
environment for experiments.

Toulouse is the 4th largest French city, and a sunny and lively place to 
live in the south-west of France, with a strong international 
environment. It is the 2nd largest scientific and industrial pole in 
France after Paris, home of CNES, Airbus, and Astrium. The city is not 
far from the mountains and the sea, Spain is easy to travel to.

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