[robotics-worldwide] Two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Long-Term Robot Autonomy at University of Lincoln, UK

Marc Hanheide marc at hanheide.net
Sun Dec 23 12:06:48 PST 2012

The University of Lincoln is seeking to appoint two new Postdoctoral
Research Fellows (fixed term for 4 years) to join the recently established
Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS). The centre is internationally
recognised for its research in sensing, mapping, and control for autonomous
robotic systems, and currently comprises 6 faculty staff and 14
post-graduate researchers. The successful candidates will be employed as
part of a European collaborative project, involving six academic institutes
and two industrial partners across four European countries.

The project aims to enable robots to achieve robust and intelligent
behaviour in human environments through adaptation to, and the exploitation
of, long-term experience. The approach is based on understanding 3D space
and how it changes over time, from milliseconds to months. The project will
develop novel approaches to extract quantitative and qualitative
spatio-temporal structure from sensor data gathered during months of
autonomous operation. The project will also develop control mechanisms
which exploit these structures to yield adaptive behaviour in highly
demanding, real-world security and care scenarios.

One Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is focussed in the area of long-term
3D mapping for enabling activity and scene understanding by mobile robots.
 Primary tasks include developing novel algorithms and approaches for
enabling the acquisition, maintenance and refinement of 3D maps over long
periods of time (the term “4D” is used to indicate 3D mapping over extended
time periods), while also understanding and modelling the environment
dynamics to enable prediction of likely future states. Additional tasks
include integrating 4d mapping with lifelong learning about objects,
persons and activities and cognitive control of robots. For further
information and online application forms goto

The other Fellowship is focussed in the area of behaviour generation and
control to facilitate life-long learning of activities and dynamic scenes
by autonomous mobile robots. The primary tasks related to this fellowship
include the development of novel approaches enabling the robot to actively
explore its dynamic environment in order to complete and verify knowledge
in task- and curiosity-driven ways, including the integration of multiple
abilities and information sources into the autonomous robotic system.
Additional tasks include the development of software framework extensions
for the management, access and retrieval of acquired information during
long-term operation. For further information and online application forms

Informal enquiries about both posts can be made to
Dr Marc Hanheide (email:  mhanheide at lincoln.ac.uk) and
Dr Tom Duckett (email: tduckett at lincoln.ac.uk).

Dr. Marc Hanheide
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool
Lincoln, LN6 7TS
Phone: +44 1522 88 6966
EMail: marc at hanheide.net
Web: http://www.hanheide.net
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