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The January 2013 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and 
Engineering (T-ASE) is now available online:


This page has the Table of Contents link, which allows free access to 
Editorials, Abstracts of all papers, and to the full text of "Open Access" 
papers (via the .pdf links).


Guest Editorial - Automation in Green Manufacturing
Li, J.; Morrison, J. R.; Zhang, M. T.; Nakano, M.; Biller, S.; Lennartson, B.

Special Issue Regular Papers

Virtual Battery: A Battery Simulation Framework for Electric Vehicles
Ju, F.; Wang, J.; Li, J.; Xiao, G.; Biller, S.

Designing a Sustainable and Distributed Generation System for Semiconductor 
Wafer Fabs
Villarreal, S.; Jimenez, J. A.; Jin, T.; Cabrera-Rios, M.

Energy-Efficient Production Systems Through Schedule-Based Operations
Chen, G.; Zhang, L.; Arinez, J.; Biller, S.

Opportunity Estimation for Real-Time Energy Control of Sustainable 
Manufacturing Systems
Sun, Z.; Li, L.

Energy Reduction in a Pallet-Constrained Flow Shop Through On–Off Control of 
Idle Machines
Mashaei, M.; Lennartson, B.

High-Level Scheduling of Energy Optimal Trajectories
Wigstrom, O.; Lennartson, B.; Vergnano, A.; Breitholtz, C.

A Network Flow Model for the Performance Evaluation and Design of Material 
Separation Systems For Recycling
Wolf, M. I.; Colledani, M.; Gershwin, S. B.; Gutowski, T. G.

Assembly Strategies for Remanufacturing Systems With Variable Quality Returns
Jin, X.; Hu, S. J.; Ni, J.; Xiao, G.

A Modeling Approach to Analyze Variability of Remanufacturing Process Routing
Li, C.; Tang, Y.; Li, C.; Li, L.

Carbon Footprint and the Management of Supply Chains: Insights From Simple 
Benjaafar, S.; Li, Y.; Daskin, M.

Special Issue Short Paper

A Simulation-Based Tool for Energy Efficient Building Design for a Class of 
Manufacturing Plants
Liu, H.; Zhao, Q.; Huang, N.; Zhao, X.

Regular Papers

Fault Diagnosis Using an Enhanced Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) for Partially 
Diagnosable Multistation Assembly Processes
Bastani, K.; Kong, Z.; Huang, W.; Huo, X.; Zhou, Y.

Correct-by-Construction and Optimal Synthesis of Beacon-Enabled ZigBee Network
Xu, S.; Kumar, R.; Pinto, A.

Scheduling Cluster Tools With Ready Time Constraints for Consecutive Small Lots
Kim, H.-J.; Lee, J.-H.; Jung, C.; Lee, T.-E.

Finite Bisimulation of Reactive Untimed Infinite State Systems Modeled as 
Automata With Variables
Zhou, C.; Kumar, R.

Calibration of Stochastic Computer Models Using Stochastic Approximation 
Yuan, J.; Ng, S. H.; Tsui, K. L.

I-Detectability of Discrete-Event Systems
Shu, S.; Lin, F.

A Petri Net and Extended Genetic Algorithm Combined Scheduling Method for Wafer 
Qiao, F.; Ma, Y.-M.; Li, L.; Yu, H.-X.

Short Papers

An Approximate Solution for Semi-Open Queueing Network Model of an Autonomous 
Vehicle Storage and Retrieval System
Ekren, B. Y.; Heragu, S. S.; Krishnamurthy, A.; Malmborg, C. J.

Visual Control of an Automatic Manipulation System by Microscope and Pneumatic 
Chen, H.; Shih, M. C.

Requirement-Based Bidding Language for Agent-Based Scheduling
Wang, C.

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This Special Issue on Automation in Green Manufacturing was Guest Edited by Li, 
J.; Morrison, J. R.; Zhang, M. T.; Nakano, M.; Biller, S.; Lennartson, B.

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