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Call for Papers - IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine


Assistive Robotics aims at developing advanced technical aids for promoting independent living and improving quality of life of persons who have chronic or degenerative impairment in motor, sensory, communication and/or cognitive abilities. Using robotics to blend sensing, movement and information processing capabilities has been demonstrated to be a very appropriate, adaptive approach to address functional needs of elderly and disable people.

Typical specialized technologies (i.e., assistive and accessible devices) are being developed that empower people with disabilities to become more independent and more involved in the activities in their homes, schools, and communities. The central role of the user is a key issue of the design of such devices, posing highly interesting technical challenges, covering issues related to system efficacy, safety in the interaction and user acceptability. This special issue focuses on the new cutting-edge and representative advancements in design, analysis, implementation, and therapeutic testing of human assistive robotic devices. A new generation of assistive devices conceived and developed in tight co-operation with medical experts and end-users is expected to appear in the near future. Thus, multidisciplinary papers are very encouraged to be submitted. Researchers working in the academic or industrial community are invited to submit papers on the peculiar theoretical, technological an
d experimental aspects associated to the design, development and validation of novel assistive robotic systems.

Original and unpublished high-quality research results are solicited to explore and boost the new areas relevant to Assistive Robotics. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

- Mobility aids for locomotion or navigation
- Automated manipulation systems, including remote manipulation of objects and robotic aids for feeding, personal hygiene, etc.
- Technological aids for communication and social interaction
- Personal robotics
- Multi-modal human-machine interfaces for assistive robotics
- Interaction control of assistive robots
- Socially assistive robots
- Activity monitoring systems
- Telerobotics and telemedicine
- Elderly care assistive robots


Deadline for paper submission                                        March 1, 2012
Completion of First review                                             June 1, 2012
Completion of Final review                                             July 1, 2012
Publication                                                                  December 2012

To submit a paper, go here: http://www.ieee-ras.org/issue/assistive-robotics.html
Indicate on your cover letter that “This paper is submitted for possible publication in the Special Issue on Assistive Robotics.”
If you have any questions relating to this Special Issue, please email one of the guest editors.

Guest Editors:

Loredana Zollo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Lab. of Biomedical Robotics & Biomicrosystems
CIR – Integrated Research Center
Università Campus Bio-Medico - Roma, Italy
Email: l.zollo at unicampus.it<mailto:l.zollo at unicampus.it>

Kazuyoshi Wada, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of System Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Email k_wada at sd.tmu.ac.jp<mailto:k_wada at sd.tmu.ac.jp>

Machiel Van der Loos, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Email: vdl at mech.ubc.ca<mailto:vdl at mech.ubc.ca>

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