[robotics-worldwide] Workshop on Agricultural Robotics at IROS 2012 in Algarve, Portugal

Marcel Bergerman marcelbergerman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 18:47:53 PST 2012

Sixty years after debuting in industrial environments, robots are making
their way into our everyday life. Farmers have benefited for some time from
self-guided machinery including combines and harvesters. More recently,
multi-purpose autonomous vehicles have started to be deployed in orchards,
groves, nurseries, and other agricultural environments to automate or
augment operations such as pruning, thinning, harvesting, mowing, and
spraying. Successful commercialization of such vehicles will depend largely
on the robotics community overcoming technological, socioeconomic, and
regulatory barriers to deployment and adoption. The Robotics and Automation
Society TC on Agricultural Robotics invites academic and industrial
robotics and agricultural researchers, engineers, and practitioners to come
together and create a future where robots enable safe, efficient, and
affordable food production. Talks will be scheduled in a way to provide
ample time for discussion and interaction between speakers and the audience.

We seek authors to present on the following topics of relevance to the
future of agricultural robotics:

1. Standing on the shoulders of giants: a review of past successes in
agricultural robotics science, technology, and innovation.

2. Look Ma, no hands: recent developments in robotic systems for food
production, with a special focus on fruits and vegetables.

3. Year-round bounty: automating food production in greenhouses.

4. I see and I remember: perception technologies for safe robot navigation
in agricultural environments.

5. I do and I understand: manipulation technologies for food production and
handling, including tree pruning and thinning.

6. I swear, officer, I wasn’t speeding: regulatory frameworks to enable
safe introduction of robots in agricultural environments.

7. We have seen the future, and the future is ours: how robotics will
change traditional farms and enable vertical farms to ensure food security
across the globe.


- Feb 27, 2012: Submit one-page (2000 characters) abstract in Microsoft
Word format containing at the top paper title, authors, affiliations, and
emails. Clearly indicate who is the contact author and to what topic (#1-7
above) the paper belongs.

- Apr 10, 2012: Notifications of acceptance sent out to authors.

- May 31, 2012: Six-page paper in IEEE RAS format due to organizers.

- Oct 2012: Workshop.

WHERE TO SUBMIT: Send your one-page abstract to Marcel Bergerman at the
email address below.

Marcel Bergerman (marcel at cmu.edu)
Eldert van Henten (eldert.vanhenten at wur.nl)
John Billingsley (john.billingsley at usq.edu.au)
John Reid (ReidJohnF at JohnDeere.com)

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