[robotics-worldwide] Call for Partecipation: CogSys 2012 Workshop on ROBOSKIN: Results and Future Challenges

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it
Sun Feb 19 07:15:36 PST 2012

Call for Partecipation:

CogSys 2012 Workshop on ROBOSKIN: Results and Future Challenges

Download the Workshop program at:

Scope of the Workshop:

The main goal of this Workshop is to present and discuss with the 
community the main results of the FP7 EC-funded ROBOSKIN project as well 
as to identify possible emerging directions for research on tactile sensing.

ROBOSKIN (see http://www.roboskin.eu) is a project ending in April 2012 
that is focused on technological and scientific aspects related to 
large-scale tactile sensing and tactile data processing.

During the last three years, ROBOSKIN pursued the following goals:
- To develop novel sensory technologies in order to provide tactile 
feedback from large areas of a robot body.
- To design and integrate fundamental cognitive structures for an 
efficient and safe use of tactile data in terms of a robot body image, 
safe reflexive reactions to tactile events and flexible representations 
of spatially and temporally distributed patterns of physical contact.
- To develop cognitive mechanisms that use tactile feedback to improve 
human-robot interaction capabilities particularly in the application 
domains of programming by demonstration and robot assisted play 
scenarios for children with autism.

The Workshop will present the main results of the project featuring a 
series of keynote talks from the various partners as well as from other 
projects, with a specific emphasis on faced challenges, design choices 
and selected solutions.

Target Audience:

The Workshop is expected to be a forum for researchers working in the 
areas of tactile sensing, robot grasping and interaction control, 
haptics, human-robot interaction, software engineering aspects for 
robotics, cognitive robotics, etc.

Program Committee:

Aude Billard - EPFL, Switzerland
Annalisa Bonfiglio - University of Cagliari, Italy
Giorgio Cannata - University of Genova, Italy
Piero Cosseddu - University of Cagliari, Italy
Torbjorn Dahl - University of Wales at Newport, UK
Kerstin Dautenhahn - University of Hertfordshire, UK
Lorenzo Natale - Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni - University of Genova, Italy
Giorgio Metta - Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
Daniel Polani - University of Hertfordshire, UK
Ben Robins - University of Hertfordshire, UK
Lucia Seminara - University of Genova, Italy
Maurizio Valle - University of Genova, Italy


Giorgio Cannata - Università di Genova, Italy
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni - Università di Genova, Italy

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