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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
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The table of contents is as follows:
* Variable Stiffness Actuators: A Port-Based Power-Flow Analysis
   Carloni , R.  Visser, L. C.  Stramigioli, S.
   Page(s): 1 - 11

* Design of Statically Balanced Planar Articulated Manipulators
   With Spring Suspension
   Lin, P.-Y.  Shieh, W.-B.  Chen, D.-Z.
   Page(s): 12 - 21

* On the Force-Closure Analysis of n-DOF Cable-Driven Open Chains
   Based on Reciprocal Screw Theory
   Mustafa, S. K.  Agrawal, S. K.
   Page(s): 22 - 31

* Immobilizing 2-D Serial Chains in Form-Closure Grasps
   Rimon, E.  Stappen, A.
   Page(s): 32 - 43

* Vision and IMU Data Fusion: Closed-Form Solutions for Attitude,
   Speed, Absolute Scale, and Bias Determination
   Martinelli, A.
   Page(s): 44 - 60

* Visual-Inertial-Aided Navigation for High-Dynamic Motion in
   Built Environments Without Initial Conditions
   Lupton, T.  Sukkarieh, S.
   Page(s): 61 - 76

* Landing a VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on a Moving Platform
   Using Optical Flow
   Herisse, B.  Hamel, T.  Mahony, R.  Russotto, F-.X.
   Page(s): 77 - 89

* A Fully Autonomous Indoor Quadrotor
   Grzonka, S.  Grisetti, G.  Burgard, W.
   Page(s): 90 - 100

* Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic, Uncertain Environments
   Du Toit , N. E.  Burdick , J. W.
   Page(s): 101 - 115

* A Sampling-Based Tree Planner for Systems With Complex Dynamics
   Sucan, I.  Kavraki, L. E.
   Page(s): 116 - 131

* Analysis of Search Decision Making Using Probabilistic
   Search Strategies
   Chung, T. H.  Burdick, J. W.
   Page(s): 132 - 144

* Joining Movement Sequences: Modified Dynamic Movement Primitives
   for Robotics Applications Exemplified on Handwriting
   Kulvicius, T.  Ning, K.  Tamosiunaite, M.  Worgotter, F.
   Page(s): 145 - 157

* Formal Approach to the Deployment of Distributed Robotic Teams
   Chen, Y.  Ding , X. C.  Stefanescu , A.  Belta, C.
   Page(s): 158 - 171

* Control of Multiple Heterogeneous Magnetic Microrobots in
   Two Dimensions on Nonspecialized Surfaces
   Diller , E.  Floyd, S.  Pawashe, C.  Sitti , M.
   Page(s): 172 - 182

* Design and Rolling Locomotion of a Magnetically Actuated Soft
   Capsule Endoscope
   Yim, S.  Sitti, M.
   Page(s): 183 - 194

* Micron: An Actively Stabilized Handheld Tool for Microsurgery
   MacLachlan, R. A.  Becker, B. C.  Tabares J.  Podnar, G. W.
   Lobes, Jr., L. A.  Riviere, C. N.
   Page(s): 195 - 212

* Toward a Meso-Scale SMA-Actuated MRI-Compatible Neurosurgical Robot
   Ho, M.  McMillan, A. B.  Simard, J. M.  Gullapalli, R.  Desai, J. P.
   Page(s): 213 - 222

* On Optimizing Autonomous Pipeline Inspection
   Li, X.  Yu, W.  Lin, X.  Iyengar , S. S.
   Page(s): 223 - 233

* Activity-Based Estimation of Human Trajectories
   Grzonka, S.  Karwath, A.  Dijoux, F.  Burgard, W.
   Page(s): 234 - 245

* A Robotic Cadaveric Gait Simulator With Fuzzy Logic Vertical
   Ground Reaction Force Control
   Aubin, P. M.  Whittaker, E.  Ledoux, W. R.
   Page(s): 246 - 255

* Dual-Fingered Stable Grasping Control for an Optimal Force Angle
   Song, S. K.  Park, J. B.  Choi, Y. H.
   Page(s): 256 - 262

* Tracking Control of Multiple-Wheeled Mobile Robots With Limited
   Information of a Desired Trajectory
   Dong, W.
   Page(s): 262 - 268

* Controlled Synchronization of Heterogeneous Robotic Manipulators
   in the Task Space
   Liu, Y-.C.  Chopra, N.
   Page(s): 268 - 275

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