[robotics-worldwide] Table of Contents for Journal of Field Robotics, March/April 2012

Sanjiv Singh ssinghpa at me.com
Tue Feb 21 19:57:26 PST 2012

An evaluation of stereo and laser-based range sensing for rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle obstacle avoidance
Stefan Hrabar

Posterior representation with a multi-modal likelihood using the gaussian sum filter for localization in a known map
Jonathan R. Schoenberg, Mark Campbell and Isaac Miller

The multi-iterative closest point tracker: An online algorithm for tracking multiple interacting targets
Adam Feldman, Maria Hybinette and Tucker Balch

Self-supervised learning to visually detect terrain surfaces for autonomous robots operating in forested terrain 
Shengyan Zhou, Junqiang Xi, Matthew W. McDaniel, Takayuki Nishihata, Phil Salesses and Karl Iagnemma

Federated-filter-based unmanned ground vehicle localization using 3D range registration with digital elevation model in outdoor environments
Ji-Hoon Choi, Yong-Woon Park, Jun Kim, Tok-Sun Choe and Jae-Bok Song

Survey of advances in guidance, navigation, and control of unmanned rotorcraft systems
Farid Kendoul


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