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Gilles Caprari caprarig at ethz.ch
Mon Feb 27 08:33:08 PST 2012

Invitation to
The International*Summer School*  on

*Aerial Service Robotics*
Assisted UAV Piloting in Free Flight and Contact

July 2 - 6, 2012
ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Supported by the EU project AIRobots

Modeling, Control, Teleoperation, Localization, Environment Reconstruction

Theory, Case Study, Exercises, Competition

The objective is to give to Master and PhD students a full overview of the new topic of Aerial
Service Robotics. These are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that not only fly free in the air but
also get in contact with the environment. In that way the UAVs can perform practical tasks and
become service robots.
The teaching goal will be achieved trough basic theory, presentation of case studies and exercises
using a simulator.
The week is based on these 3 pillars and covers topics from UAVs in free flight and contact.
- Basic theory: modeling and control; autonomous navigation; teleoperation.
- Presentation of case studies: EU projects, research projects, industrial application scenarios.
- Exercises using a simulator.
The basic theory and the exercises are linked. The required theoretical knowledge for the
exercises will be part of the first block and the exercises with the simulator will give an example on
the usage of the theory.

Monday, basics
8:30 -- 12:00 Welcome, introduction, modeling and control
13:30 -- 17:00 Modeling and control, identification simple exercise on simulator
Tuesday, basics
8:30 -- 12:00 Autonomy, navigation, sensors, vision
13:30 -- 17:00 Egomotion estimation, environment reconstruction
Wednesday, basics
8:30 -- 12:00 Teleoperation and telemanipulation
13:30 -- 17:00 Industrial motivation, Demonstration
Thursday, case studies
8:30 -- 12:00 EUprojects: sFly, AIRobots, ARCAS, ..
13:30 -- 17:00 Other projects: control of multirobot, Flying Machine Enabled Construction,
Telepresence, disaster management
Friday, tools, exercises, competition
8:30 -- 12:00 Vision-aided inertial navigation; external localization: Vicon, optiTrack, Leica
13:30 -- 17:00 Exercises and competition with simulator

Some Speakers*:
Roland Siegwart
Lorenzo Marconi
Stefano Stramigioli
Raff D'Andrea
Davide Scaramuzza
Paolo Robuffo Giordano
Roberto Naldi
Anna Chiara Bellini
Alexis Konstantinos
Janosch Nikolic
Christoph Huerzeler
Margarita Chli
Stefan Leutenegger
Laurent Kneip

Important Dates*:
- Application: 15.4.2011
- Notification of acceptance: 22.4.2011
- Registration and payment of the course-fee: 6.5.2011
- Summer school: 2.-6.7.2012

*How to Apply*:
Applications should be sent via email toairobots-summerschool at mavt.ethz.ch.
Please state on a single page (11pt font):
- your scientific background and degree
- your motivation to come to this school
- the topic of your thesis
- any prior knowledge in the field
- optional: CV with list of publications (this is not a requirement however)
Please include a current academic transcript, as well.

For other information see http://www.roboticsschool.ethz.ch/airobots

Best Regards,
Gilles Caprari

Dr. Gilles Caprari
Autonomous Systems Lab
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