[robotics-worldwide] Journal of Field Robotics, Jan/Feb 2012, Vol 29, # 1

Sanjiv Singh ssingh at cmu.edu
Tue Jan 3 12:22:16 PST 2012

Special Issue: Applied Robotics for the Power Industry
Guest Editors: Martin Buehler, Nicolas Pouliot, Serge Montambault
Volume 29, Issue 1, pages 47–68, January/February 2012

-- Editorial: Special issue on applied robotics for the power industry (pages 1–3)
Martin Buehler, Nicolas Pouliot and Serge Montambault    (http://bit.ly/tgjSCk )
-- Toward automated power line corridor monitoring using advanced aircraft control and multisource 
feature fusion (pages 4–24)
Zhengrong Li, Troy S. Bruggemann, Jason J. Ford, Luis Mejias and Yuee Liu	(http://bit.ly/sg5hZY )
-- Field-oriented developments for LineScout Technology and its deployment on large water 
crossing transmission  lines (pages 25–46)
Nicolas Pouliot and Serge Montambault	 (http://bit.ly/tKd9iT )
-- Highly compact robots for inspection of power plants (pages 47–68)
Gilles Caprari, Andreas Breitenmoser, Wolfgang Fischer, Christoph Hürzeler, Fabien Tâche, Roland 
Siegwart,  Olivier Nguyen, Roland Moser, Patrick Schoeneich and Francesco Mondada	(http://bit.ly/vavbpi )
-- A portable, multiprocess, track-based robot for in situ work on hydropower equipment (pages 69–101)
Bruce Hazel, Jean Côté, Yvan Laroche and Patrick Mongenot	 (http://bit.ly/v2yT94 )
-- Field repair and construction of large hydropower equipment with a portable robot (pages 102–122)
Bruce Hazel, Jean Côté, Yvan Laroche and Patrick Mongenot	(http://bit.ly/uo0Lwa )
-- SmartGuard: An autonomous robotic system for inspecting substation equipment (pages 123–137)
Binhai Wang, Rui Guo, Bingqiang Li, Lei Han, Yong Sun and Mingrui Wang	(http://bit.ly/udQ5xc )
 -- Bridge-transported bilateral master–slave servo manipulator system for remote manipulation 
in spent nuclear fuel  processing plant (pages 138–160)
Jong Kwang Lee, Hyo Jik Lee, Byung Suk Park and Kiho Kim	(http://bit.ly/sURCnF )
-- TAO2000 V2 computer-assisted force feedback telemanipulators used as maintenance and 
production tools at the  AREVA NC–La Hague fuel recycling plant (pages 161–174)
Franck Geffard, Philippe Garrec, Gérard Piolain, Marie-Anne Brudieu, Jean-François Thro, 
Alain Coudray and  Eric Lelann	(http://bit.ly/sQlGdB )
-- Long-reach articulated robots for inspection and mini-invasive interventions in hazardous 
environments: Recent  robotics research, qualification testing, and tool developments (pages 175–185)
Yann Perrot, Laurent Gargiulo, Michael Houry, Nolwenn Kammerer, Delphine Keller, Yvan Measson, 
Gérard Piolain and Alexandre Verney	 (http://bit.ly/sV13mV )
-- Design considerations of robotic system for cleaning and inspection of large-diameter 
sewers (pages 186–214)
Christoph Walter, José Saenz, Norbert Elkmann, Heiko Althoff, Sven Kutzner and Thomas Stuerze	
(http://bit.ly/tzhJyp )

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