[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Gaze in HRI workshop @ HRI 2012

Hideaki Kuzuoka kuzuoka at iit.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu Jan 5 16:12:37 PST 2012

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Here's the announcement of one of the workshops at HRI 2012.

HRI Publicity Chairs,

Gaze in HRI: From Modeling to Communication Workshop @ HRI 2012 Boston, MA
USA March 5, 2012
Website: http://homepages.stca.herts.ac.uk/~hri/
Contact: f.broz at herts.ac.uk

Important Dates:

Papers Due - January 20, 2012
Notifications - January 30, 2012
HRI Early registration deadline - January 31, 2012 Final paper versions due
- February 24, 2012 Workshop March 5, 2012

Call for papers:

We are now accepting submissions of both long (up to 6 pages) and short (up
to 3 pages) papers for presentation at the workshop, "Gaze in HRI: From
Modeling to Communication." Papers will be subject to a peer-review process.
Accepted papers will be archived online on the workshop website.

We are interested in submissions of original HRI research or research in
related fields that is relevant to the HRI community. Topics of particular
interest are papers which,

   *Propose or describe novel methodologies for collecting or analyzing
human gaze during interaction
   *Investigate a specific aspect of social gaze behavior through
interaction with a robot
   *Propose or describe robot gaze controllers based on empirical
interaction data
   *Investigate social gaze in human-human interaction, with a discussion of
the relevance of the results to human-robot interaction

About the workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the role of social gaze in
human-robot interaction, both how to measure gaze behavior by humans and how
to implement it in robots that interact with them. Social gaze, gaze
directed at an interaction partner, has been a subject of increased
attention in human-robot interaction research. While traditional robotics
research has focused work on robot gaze solely on the identification and
manipulation of objects, researchers in HRI have come to recognize that gaze
is a social behavior in addition to a sensor.

This workshop will approach the problem of understanding the role of social
gaze in human-robot interaction from the dual perspectives of investigating
human gaze for design principles to apply to robots and of experimentally
evaluating human-robot gaze interaction in order to assess how humans engage
in gaze behavior with robots. 

The goal of the workshop is to exchange ideas and develop and improve
methodologies for this growing area of research. We hope to bring together
different researchers in the field of human robot interaction working on
gaze behavior to find answers to a variety of questions, for example:

*How do people perceive robot gaze behavior during human-robot interaction?
*How can human gaze behavior provide a robot with information about the
state of the interaction?
*Which properties of human-human gaze transfer to human-robot gaze and which
*How should one model human-robot gaze for autonomous robots?
*What techniques can be used to establish and measure mutual gaze and joint
attention between humans and robots?

Organizing committee:

Frank Broz, University of Hertfordshire
Hagen Lehmann, University of Hertfordshire Yukiko Nakano, Seikei University
Bilge Mutlu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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