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Wed Jan 11 09:20:33 PST 2012

Volume 32 Number 1 of Autonomous Robots is now available at the
SpringerLink website (http://www.springerlink.com/content/g55402hq1223/)
and in print. SpringerLink allows free access to all paper abstracts. Full
access (PDF) is by individual or institutional subscription.

The accompanying blog (http://www.autonomousrobotsblog.com/) includes
additional multimedia content about articles published in Autonomous Robots.

Autonomous Robots 32(1) Table of Contents

Target tracking without line of sight using range from radio
Geoffrey A. Hollinger, Joseph Djugash & Sanjiv Singh

Artificial potential functions based camera movements and visual
behaviors in attentive robots
Ö. Erkent & H. Bozma

On responsiveness, safety, and completeness in real-time motion
Kris Hauser

Laser-based geometrical modeling of large-scale architectural
structures using co-operative multiple robots
Yukihiro Tobata, Ryo Kurazume, Yusuke Noda, Kai Lingemann, Yumi
Iwashita & Tsutomu Hasegawa

Multi-robot multiple hypothesis tracking for pedestrian tracking
Nicolas A. Tsokas & Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos

Distributed pursuit-evasion without mapping or global localization via
local frontiers
Joseph W. Durham, Antonio Franchi & Francesco Bullo

Gaurav S. Sukhatme
Autonomous Robots

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