[robotics-worldwide] Ph.D. studentship in Lund, Sweden

Jacek Malec jacek.malec at cs.lth.se
Wed Jan 11 15:12:51 PST 2012

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One fully-funded Ph.D. student position (4 years) is available in
Robotics and Semantic Systems group at the Department of Computer
Science, Lund University, Sweden. Official Records Number: LTHPA

The official announcement and web-based application link:

RSS: http://rss.cs.lth.se

Department of Computer Science: http://cs.lth.se

Lund University: http://www.lu.se

Deadline for applying: January 20th, 2012

## Projects

The candidate will work in the area of knowledge-based robotized
automation, in projects funded mainly by European Community within the
7th Framework Programme: Rosetta (www.fp7rosetta.org), PRACE
(Productive Robot Aprentice, no web site yet, strong component of
learning from humans, mobile two-handed robot), and others. Interest
in AI, in particular knowledge representation, and indstrial robotics
are expected, besides a strong background in computer science, as the
research focuses on these topics.

## Prerequisites

The basic eligibility for graduate studies corresponds to: an academic
exam on the advanced undergraduate level and coursework corresponding
to at least 240 ECTS, out of which at least 60 ECTS on advanced level,
or corresponding knowledge obtained some other way in Sweden or

The candidate is expected to have strong background (preferably a
major degree) in computer science, with interests and preferably also
background in robotics and automation. The opposite profile is also
possible (i.e. major in robotics/automation), but the documented CS
background needs to be substantial in such case, at least
corresponding to a minor degree. 

## More information

For further information please contact:
Dr Jacek Malec, http://cs.lth.se/jacek_malec/
+46 46 2224950
jacek.malec at cs.lth.se

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