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Simone Davalos simone at combots.net
Tue Jan 17 10:59:26 PST 2012

RoboGames 2012
9th Annual International Robotics Competition and Symposium
April 20-22nd, 2012
Silicon Valley, Ca

RoboGames Symposium: Call For Robot Demos, Presentations and Performances

Theme: Competition Robots for Research and Entertainment

RoboGames (in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon, Cal State Maritime, and 
the Robotics Society of America) is pleased to announce an expanded 
presentation format for RoboGames 2012. RoboGames, the world's largest 
open robot competition, seeks to promote disciplinary cross-pollination 
among technologists, artists and hobbyists in a forum where both 
academia and the general public participate.

In the RoboGames Symposium, we highlight the parallel value of 
competition robots to research and entertainment. Submission subject 
areas will include: ground-breaking mechanical designs, unique 
cross-applications, innovative algorithms, specialized sensing 
capabilities, creative expressive modes, overarching behavior systems 
and more! Do you have interaction software that could change robot 
competitions for years to come? Does your bot wants to act out a 
dramatic narrative on stage? Or perhaps your work has ramifications to 
the larger field of human robot interaction, entertainment robotics or 
is a unique creative or scientific exploration?

We seek your participation in one of the following tracks:

I. Robot Demo, Poster & Extended Abstract (moderately curated)
II. Research Talk & Extended Abstract (highly curated)
III. Live Performance & Extended Abstract (moderately curated)

All submission tracks include a 3-page extended abstract to be preserved 
for future generations. Each accepted submission will present at the 
Symposium and all demos/performances must be entered into a parallel 
RoboGames competition category.

Keep your submission snappy & comprehensible to tech-savvy readers, but 
make sure it has research value and an analysis real world impact.

Submissions welcome from all research backgrounds, e.g., human-robot 
interaction, machine learning, innovations stemming from gameplay, 
competition, or live performance. In conjunction with the diverse 
RoboGames competition categories, this symposium presents a unique 
opportunity to engage in deeper discussion about state-of-the-art 
technologies and our goals for robotics in the future.

Accepted authors/presenters must be able to attend and are invited to 
share their work with fellow researchers and RoboGames attendees through 
scheduled demonstrations, talks, performances and poster presentations.
The submission deadline is Fri, March 16, 2012!* Notification of 
acceptance or rejection will be sent by *Fri, March 30, 2012*.


1) Extended Abstract

The RoboGames 2011 paper submission should be a 3-page paper prepared in 
the ACM Extended Abstract Format, submitted in PDF format (only!). You 
can find the Extended Abstract format template at: 

Make sure to include:
i) A review of related work so you can address its novelty,
ii) A brief description of the experiment, design process or creative 
exploration you went through in its development,
iii) Presentation of the contribution itself,
iv) An analysis of the significance of your innovation to humanity, 
robotkind or the planet,
v) A conclusion that includes future work or extensions your work might 
enables or inspire.

2) The track for which you are applying: *Demo & Poster*, *Research 
Talk*, or *Live Performance*.
The Demo & Poster track is similar to traditional academic Poster 
Sessions in which all contributors will bring a large poster presenting 
their project, but in celebration of the many robots in attendance, also 
includes poster-side demos: whether a real robot, segments of a 
sensor/mechanism to demonstrate its functionality, or a video of the 
system in action.

The Research Talks will be largely invited, but if you have a specialty 
or project likely to inspire the future and best presented in a 
20-minute-talk format please submit the topic and any background 
material for consideration.

The Live Performance track involves real robots that can perform in 
front of the audience, and could explore theatrical expression, 
human-technology relationships, music, dance or viewer participation.

3) The parallel RoboGames event category in which you will compete

All participants should be entered into a relevant RoboGames event as 
feasible. Does your robot qualify as a music bot? An art bot? Does it 
play hockey in its off hours or navigate autonomously for fun? If it 
doesn't fit into specific categories, there is a "Best of show" category 
open to all bots. All robots participating on site in the symposium must 
be registered for medal contention at RoboGames. Coveted Gold, Silver 
and Bronze medals go to the winners in each category. For a complete 
list of RoboGames competition offerings, including rules, examples, 
photos, and registration help, please see http://robogames.net/events 
<http://robogames.net/events.php>. For assistance choosing your parallel 
competition please contact simone at robogames.net 
<mailto:simone at robogames.net>

To create a RoboGames account and register for the event that most 
closely coordinates your live robot presentation, please see the 
RoboGames registration page: http://robogames.net/registration

4) Supplementary material

This might include hosted video files (highly recommended for 
performance submissions) and web links (welcome but not required). Such 
material would augment but not substitute for your extended abstract.

Symposium papers would be reviewed and selected for presentation at the 
RoboGames symposium Fri-Sun, Apr 20-22, 2012. The RoboGames symposium 
proceedings will be made available on the RoboGames website after the 
event. Examples of past papers presented at RoboGames can be found at:
http://robogames.net/symposium/papers-2007.php and

*Deadline for Submission:* Please submit papers via email to 
papers at robogames.net <mailto:papers at robogames.net> by midnight PST, Fri, 
March 16, 2012.

Decisions announced: Fri, March 30, 2012
Accepted submissions will be presented: Sat-Sun, Apr 21-22, 2pm-5pm

*Committee: *
Heather Knight - Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Strange - California State Maritime Academy
David Calkins - The Robotics Society of America
Jonathan Foote, PhD - IEEE
Larry Klingenberg - San Francisco State University
Simone Davalos - Robotics Society of America

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