[robotics-worldwide] Full-time Computer Vision Research Position at Honda Research Institute USA

Ananth Ranganathan ananth.rang at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 07:04:43 PDT 2012

Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) is looking for applications from
motivated and passionate researchers in the area of mapping and 3D
reconstructions in computer vision.

Job description:

Candidate will be involved in research and development of a visual
mapping system for use on vehicles in regular traffic situations. The
ideal candidate would be a highly self-motivated individual who is
enthused by the practical aspects of getting the system to work in
addition to the research aspects. Candidate responsibilities will
include understanding and extending the existing software, managing
the system on a test car, and closely collaborating with other
researchers involved in the project. The candidate should have a solid
background in C/C++ programming and good knowledge of SLAM/SfM/3D
reconstruction in computer vision and sensor fusion involving IMU and
GPS data. Knowledge of GPU programming is a significant plus.
Candidates should have a Masters degree or higher and demonstrate
an exceptional track record in previous related work experience.
This is a 3-year position with a possibility of further extensions or
transition to a permanent position at the company discretion.

How to apply:

Please send a cover letter and your resume to fulltime at honda-ri.com
with the subject line clearly indicating the job number you are applying for.
Name your attachments as "john.smith.UniversityName.cv.pdf" - not as

About the lab:

HRI-US is at the cutting edge of Honda's research and development
activities. We pursue emerging technologies in the areas of Robotics,
Computer Vision
and Machine Learning. The lab is located in Mountain View, in the
heart of Silicon Valley.

Ananth Ranganathan

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