[robotics-worldwide] 2nd Medical and Rehabilitation Workshop 2012 (MRR2012), 19-20 June 2012, UIC, UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

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Dear Colleagues,
(Apologies for multiple postings)

 The Center for Humanoid Robots and Bio-Sensing (HuRoBs), Faculty of 
Mechanical Engineering, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM is 
proud to organize the 2nd Medical and Rehabilitation 
Workshop 2012 (MRR2012) on 19-20th of June 2012 at UiTM International Center 
(UIC), UiTM Shah Alam (http://www.rehabrobot.net/). This workshop is part of research 
activity in rehabilitation robotics research under the Fundamental Research 
Grant Scheme project entitled "Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Algorithm 
in Robot-Based Intervention of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
The first workshop was first organized in June 2011. Successfully, the 
event had brought together researchers, clinicians and academicians from 
engineering, medical and rehabilitation disciplines in one event. This year 
MRR2012 shall highlight the latest 
results and findings from the pilot experiment under HuRoBs’s rehabilitation 
cluster project entitled “Development of Robot-Based Intervention Platform 
and Training Tools for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”. The workshop 
intends to focus on the clinical and technical evaluation on the latest 
experiment results, hence promote interaction between researchers, academicians, 
clinicians, therapists and NGOs in Malaysia and worldwide. The keynote speakers 
are from National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), HuRoBs, Faculty of 
Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, 
Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre and Sunway Medical Centre. All the speakers 
shall be sharing their latest findings related to the medical and rehabilitation 
robotics during the 2-day workshop. 
The event is 
aimed to bring together researchers, academicians, scientists, students, 
engineers and practitioners from various leading research labs and organization 
to participate and present their latest findings, ideas, developments and 
applications in the field of rehabilitation robotics; especially related to 
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 
We would like to invite all interested participants 
including academicians, researchers, parents, therapists, students, government 
and private agencies and societies to join this workshop. The conference also 
includes testimonials from caregivers as well as sessions about standardization 
of technology, technology transfer, and assessment tools for children with 
special needs.
MRR2012 will feature distinguished Keynote Speakers from medical, 
rehabilitation and robotics background. List of the Keynote Speakers are as 
1) Dr Tunku Nor Taayah Tunku 
Zubir, Consultant Rehabilitation Medicine Physician 
from WQ Park Health & Rehabilitation Centre, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre 
and Sime Darby Medical Centre.

Dato’ Dr. Zaliha Omar from Rehabilitation 
Medicine Clinic, Sunway Medical Centre. She is also the Welfare advisor to the 
Women, Family and Community Development Minister.
3) Dr 
Noor Ashani Md Yussof, Consultant Urologist at Urology Department, 
Hospital Kuala Lumpur
4) Prof. 
Dr. Takashi Komeda, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan 
5) Dr. 
Fathir Badri Alhadad, Owner and Chairman of Pusat Rehabilitasi Rumah 
Ramah, Seksyen 10, Shah Alam.
6) Puan Norkhayatee A. 
Wahab from Hospital Sungai 
 For those interested to attend this workshop, please fill 
up the Registration Form at http://www.rehabrobot.net/ latest by 15 June 2012.
Further information about the workshop is available at http://www.rehabrobot.net/
Thank you. Hanafiah Yussof, Ph.D
Head, Centre of Studies in Mechatronics, Instrumentation and 
Head, Centre of Excellence Humanoid Robots and Bio-Sensing 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi 
40450 Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia
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