[robotics-worldwide] [KIND REMINDER] 2012 International Conference on Neurorehabilitation (ICNR2012). ABSTRACT SUBMISSION AND EXHIBITOR PROPOSAL, DEADLINE July 1st, 2012

Rafael Raya rafael.raya at CSIC.ES
Fri Jun 15 04:44:57 PDT 2012

ICNR 2012


2012 International Conference on Neurorehabilitation

Converging Clinical and Engineering Research

November 14-16, 2012, Toledo, Spain

Pre-conference workshops: November 13, 2012

Post-conference workshops: November 17, 2012


 Dear colleague,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the "2012 Conference on Neurorehabilitation. Converging Clinical and Engineering Research (ICNR2012)" that will take place in Toledo, Spain, from November 14 to 16. The ICNR2012 is endorsed by the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) and IEEE EMBS and will bring together international keynote speakers, researchers and students from the fields of Clinical Rehabilitation, Applied Neurophysiology and Biomedical Engineering. 

At this time, we would also like to call for your attention to the following important date which is the deadline for 2-page ABSTRACT SUBMISSION and EXHIBITION PROPOSAL ( JULY 1st 2012 ).


WS1- Emerging Therapies in Spinal Cord Injury + VISIT

WS2- Emerging Therapies in Stroke + VISIT

WS3- Rehabilitation robotics for pediatric applications + VISIT

WS4- Pathologic tremor: emerging therapies + VISIT

WS5- Challenges for human centered assistive neuro-robotic devices: experience of the Mundus project 

WS6- Creating Intelligent Rehabilitation Technology: An Interdisciplinary Effort

WS7- Extracting the neural strategies from the EMG and implications for myocontrol in neurotechnologies

WS8- Neurorehabilitation Technology: a joint technical, clinical, and basic effort



SS1- Games and Creativity for NeuroRehabilitation

SS2- Systematic Rehabilitation based on brain rhythm, muscle synergies and tacit learning

SS3- Wearable Robots

SS4- Control strategies in rehabilitation robotics

SS5- Movement analysis techniques in rehabilitation

SS6- How to translate FES from the research to practice

SS7- Improving cognitive and social skills of children with neurological disorders through assistive technologies

SS8- Understanding musculoskeletal deformity and pathological gait: What can musculoskeletal modelling and dynamic gait simulations contribute?

SS9- Sensory Restoration

More information about Exhibitors at  http://www.icnr2012.org/exhibitions.html  

If you are interested in receiving more detail information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Toledo!


Rafael Raya, PhD
GBIO - Bioengineering Group
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Madrid, Spain

Upcoming events organized by GBIO-CSIC:

2012 Summer School on Neurorehabilitation, Emerging Therapies (SSNR2012), Sept 16-21, 2012 in Monasterio de Piedra (Zaragoza, Spain)

International Conference on Neurorehabilitation, Converging Clinical and Engineering Research (ICNR 2012), Nov 14-16, 2012 in Toledo (Spain)

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