[robotics-worldwide] IEEE Transactions on Haptics, April-June 2012, vol. 5, no. 2 table of contents

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Here is the table of contents for the April-June 2012 issue of the IEEE 
Transactions on Haptics: 


Abdominal Palpation Haptic Device for Colonoscopy Simulation Using 
Pneumatic Control
Mario Cheng, Welber Marinovic, Marcus Watson, Sebastien Ourselin, Josh 
Passenger, Hans De Visser, Olivier Salvado, Stephan Riek

Creating Realistic Virtual Textures from Contact Acceleration Data
Joseph M. Romano, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Haptic-Assisted Target Acquisition in a Visual Point-and-Click Task for 
Computer Users with Motion Impairments
Christopher T. Asque, Andy M. Day, Stephen D. Laycock

Haptic Detection of Artificial Tumors by Hand and with a Tool in a MIS 
Daniel Greenwald, Caroline G.L. Cao, Emily W. Bushnell

Please Touch: Object Properties that Invite Touch
Roberta L. Klatzky, Joann Peck

Stable and Intuitive Control of an Intelligent Assist Device
Vincent Duchaine, Boris Mayer St-Onge, Dalong Gao, Clement Gosselin

The Effect of Interaction Force Estimation on Performance in Bilateral 
Edvard Naerum, Ole Jakob Elle, Blake Hannaford

The Haptic Deictic System—HDS: Bringing Blind Students to Mainstream 
Francisco CMB Oliveira, Francis Quek, Heidi Cowan, Bing Fang


Electrotactile Display with Real-Time Impedance Feedback Using Pulse Width 
Hiroyuki Kajimoto
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